Preggy Diaries: Fitness Journey

“Why are you still working out? It’s bad for the baby!”

This is what people say to me all the time they see me workout or go to the gym. Which for me is a fad.

DISCLAIMER: My experience and physical health may differ from everyone else and I’m no gym expert or whatsoever​. I just based my fitness journey during my pregnancy from pure experience and with a little help from researches and OB advice. Please consult your doctor any fitness professional. I’m just here to share my view about fitness and health. 

My pregnancy was confirmed when I was already 9 weeks when I got my first ultrasound. During that time I workout really hard, lift weights, do a lot of cardio and abs routine. I was shocked how my baby hold impressively considering as well that I have polycystic ovaries. I also drink a lot of caffeine products like tea and coffee that time which we all know is bad for pregnant women.

When I found out I was pregnant, I was hesitant to stop working out coz I got used to it and I know my body will get weaker and obviously it will be flat. My partner also agreed and pushed me to continue exercising as it is good for me and the baby’s health. Knowing he grew up abroad where people don’t stop moving, he also believe that being active while pregnant is not a bad thing.

To give you an idea, my body physique is quite average. Even though its just been less than 2 years of me having formal gym training, I’ve been active to a lot of physical activities (swimming, dancing, badminton, etc.) since i was young. When I started to workout in a real gym, i try to workout at least 30 minutes to 2 hours, 6 times a week depending on my schedule and routine. Mostly people notice that I have more strength on my lower body as I love doing a lot of leg and quad workouts. I was really lazy to do arm workouts before but I still try to do as much as I could. The rest of my body are balance (from my point of view). I always do routines that targets the core muscles as I do High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

Back to my pregnancy story, I basically started researching thru YouTube and read some articles how I could maximize my pregnant body by altering some routines which could help me adjust with the weight I’ll be  gaining but still maintaining some of my body parts firm and toned. I focused on my lower body, back,  arms and I did some core exercises that doesn’t involve curling up my tummy section.

On the other hand, my workout from 2 hours became one hour then 30 minutes at the end of third trimester. I also never skipped stretching and some Pilates. Some days I take a break from the heavy duty workouts and just walk around the park for 30 minutes to an hour and a half or swim a few laps.

I did a lot of lower body workout same as before like squats and lunges with equipment/weights which helped me have stronger lower body to carry myself. While the back workouts gave me the strength I need to support my belly. Believe it or not, I also started doing a lot of pushups. If you know me, I hate push ups but since I started doing it everyday. My body felt lighter and I could increase sets as time goes by. There are certain lower abdominal workout I did that lift my tummy muscles up. (I wish I made a footage of my workout routines so that it’ll be easier to explain but hopefully I’ll get into it once I started to get back into it.

Not to brag but every time people ask me if pregnancy is hard for me. I always say no. It just feels like my normal except that I gained a few pounds and my belly grew and I can’t reach my toes easily. I really believe that being active will help you not just physically but mentally relieve stress.

I hope it motivated you to start being fit. Being fit just doesn’t mean being physically appealing but being healthy inside and out. It’s not about doing just what others do and try to level yourself from pros out there but knowing your limit but still aspiring to do more. The ultimate key here is changing your mindset by being goal oriented. By this, you’ll be dedicated to at least give a little of your time for yourself, go on diet if needed to and forget the who you have especially when you’re around with other people. Nothing less, nothing excess.

I’ll do a separate blog for my general pregnancy story for other matters like diet and mental health. So stay tuned!!!

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