Beauty Bites: Loreal Infallable Pro Matte VS. Pro Glow

Makeup Forever, Mac, Tarte, Nars, Laura Mercier, Kevin Aucoin, Charlotte Tilbury, Marc Jacobs, Too Faced, Becca…

“I want to buy well-known high-end products but my budget is tight!”

Ever wondered where you could get an affordable foundation that is utterly like or better than the high-end one’s? Ever wondered where you could get that complete packaged foundation where it could last all day but still make your face fresh and radiant?

Recently, the makeup industry started releasing products every now and then, competing with their own spin. But as a normal consumer, I always look for something that is budget friendly but something that could still give me the quality I’m looking for. What’s good about it is that drugstore suddenly amped up and went side by side with the high-end brands. 

One of the very hyped products last year for the foundation category are the Loreal Infallable Pro Matte and Pro Glow. I’ve seen mixed reviews about it so I decided to give it a try to see if it really is worth the rave. Even Jeffrey Star and Desi Perkins sworn on using it.

So I decided to share my quick point of view by class and later on I’ll rate it as a whole.

Just to add, I bought my foundations thru online so the price might vary from other stores. Also, the foundation line is not yet available that time in the Philippines so I assume that the price is cheaper once it is introduced to the market.


Loreal has a good name in the market responding to the diverse needs of consumers the world over. When you here Loreal automatically, people will think it has good quality products that could last long.

Loreal in other countries are considered affordable but here in the Philippines, price is on the average side though monthly they have promotions depending on the line. I bought mine thru online costing 600 php but I recently saw a post that Loreal will be avail in Philippines amounting 700 php but now they have 20% discount so it is available for 525 php. Not bad right?!



Formula as what is described on above photo… literally!


Pro Matte on top; Pro Glow on bottom. 

As you can see, the Pro Glow is a lot more runny than the matte that’s why the a small amount of glow dispersed wider. Pro Glow is a lot easier to blend compared to Matte and Matte is a lot faster to dry so you need to blend it quickly. It has a powder-like finish while Glow stands to its name.


I bought two different shades by mistake. 104 (Golden Beige) for Matte and 202 (Creamy Natural) for Glow but from the reviews I heard, you can’t rely the shade from Matte to Glow and vice-versa as they have different colors based on the numbering/shade. Matte is numbered “2” while Glow with “1”.  I didn’t buy all the shades so I can’t personally see how different the shades are but from researches, Glow has lighter shades.


Both foundations promises a 24 hour longevity. Though I don’t know anyone who wear makeup for one whole day, it stays really long for approximately 12 hours; the longest I’ve used it. It oxidizes on my skin and it blends out on my skin perfectly since I chose a little lighter shade.


Both foundation are buildable. They stand from medium to full coverage. I like to use it with a wet beauty blender and play on its coverage depending on the occasion I’ll use it. I don’t use concealer anymore since the foundation could already cover by just using a double layer of it. 

Please note that my skin doesn’t have much acne, scars or pigmentation. I pretty much use it for the undereyes.


I use them together since I want to customize the shade and the formula itself. My skin is oily-combination so I tend to gravitate on these two foundations together because it has a perfect combination for staying matte with that glowy effect. Some say that the pro glow has a flashback but since I mix it with the matte, I don’t experience any bad white cast during flash photography. I absolutely love this foundation and I hope this helped you on deciding whether to buy or not. 

I’m wearing the foundations on this photo. I just did my eyebrows and liptint so that you could see how full coverage and skin-like it is.

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