Wounded Star

Lying on a hospital bed as my lungs dry from screams. The gushing pain runs not just in my body but entirely in my heart. I look beside me, I saw couples’ excitements and I ask myself. Why am I the only one alone? I begged for cure as I also begged for Him.

 “Where’s my phone? Is he coming home?”

Thirsting that he’ll still appear from that very door. I died every single minute that had passed. My body’s numb with all the needles passing through my spine yet I still begged for cure… that he’ll be home but everything around me started to spin. I freeze as I became hopeless. My star is starting to lose her brightness. I’m losing her as I battle from losing myself. 

I hear voices of blames and panic outside those curtains. Guilty white coated people laced with fear. Looks like it turned out to be another failure. My expectations won’t ever happen. No I didn’t think this will happen. My dreams were crashed again. 

It’s just me and my star now and I can’t afford to lose her even if it breaks my heart to do it without him. 

It’s like a theater stage from where I was. Blinding lights, all eyes on me. Another shot of numbness killed my body. Can’t feel anything. Its time to cut through and expose what’s beneath. My body’s trembling from the icy temperature and at a count of 3 I lost all of my senses. 

I was awaken by cries. A voice that just made me shed tears. Everything’s spinning yet my happiness is overflowing. With a concealed grip I welcome her in my arms. I’ve gained hope. I finally had reached my star with that skin so soft and a replica of the face I love the most.

Now here I sing my deadly lullaby. Thirsting for the tears we both cry for something to satisfy her life. We bled this night till drained this cold. For the last time my heart pumps this blood rush still.

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