How to get back into shape after pregnancy?

Every woman during pregnancy and mostly after struggles the fact that maybe it won’t be possible anymore to get their old body back. But the real question is…

Are you disciplined enough to achieve a post preggy body?

I know it’s only been a month since I gave birth to my little star but I’ve seen a huge change on my body since then. So I’ve summed up tips on how I deflate like a balloon.

Disclaimer: I’m no health or fitness expert. I’m just basing all my knowledge from things that I researched and learned from experience. Please note that what worked for me might not work for everyone.

1. Milk out, fat out!

Breastfeeding is not just proven healthy for the baby but also for the mother. It’s the best way to lose weight and even doctors prefer it than feeding our babies with formulas. Breastfeeding can burn approximately  850 calories a day.

2. Clean Diet and Timely Proportioned Meals

I know that breastfeeding and all this sleepless nights can leave you to hunger. And maybe all those sweets that we can’t eat when we were pregnant are very tempting. But remember, we should be disciplined and it doesn’t mean we should sacrifice taste. I’m just saying that we should “smart substitutes”. It’s okay to cut calories but not too much. You need to make sure you’re still eating right amount of food to supply the needs of the baby you are feeding. Your body still needs enough nutrients to function accordingly.

Avoid eating processed foods, carbs and even sweets and instead, choose fibrous or soupy meals.

Why fiber? Coz it could increase our body’s metabolism by supporting the immune system and help avoid digestive problems. Mostly fruit and vegetables are good source of fiber including bananas, asparagus, leeks and pineapple.

On the other hand, soupy meals aren’t just good for increasing liquid intake but could also make you feel full without gaining that much weight. Just make sure that you’re not eating soups with a lot of preservatives and fats. Choose ingredients that are tasty but beneficial like veggies and preferred protein.

Another way to make your diet more effective is to eat small portions but frequent meals. Meaning instead of eating 3 large meals, you could just have a half potion of what you usually take and distribute it on other time of the day making it a snack lets say.

There are also other studies proving types of diet that are suited depending on an individual. Just make sure that you know your health before going into any diet.
3. Roll yourself like a Sushi!

It’s all about the binder. Patience my dear, I know it’s quite uncomfortable and you need to suck those tummies in. What I recommend is to use a binder without metals but pure stretch cloth. I got mine at the hospital. I actually woke up from my surgery wearing it. So I suggest ask your OB or hospital if they recommend post preggy binders. Make sure that you don’t bind yourself too tight and wear it for 6 months continuously.

4. Sweat it out

It’s not advisable to hit the gym right away especially if you’re like me who went under the knife. Wait at least six to eight weeks before starting or restarting a serious exercise regimen.

For starters or those who just got out of the hospital for only a few months, you dont need to go to the gym and lift. It’s best to do some walking for awhile and some mild cardio workouts.

In my case, I can do cardios but no lifting and abdominal workout. Remember cesarean mommies, the outside might be dried and healed already bit the inside is still fresh and it needs time to just chill. But of you have normal delivery, feel free to do some and workout after the said weeks of delivery. Just make sure you consult your OB or any fitness expert.

The thing about working out is that you could customize it. Just make sure that you’re burning more calories than consuming it. In this case, there’s no “Yin Yang”. You can’y obviously lose weight if you’re eating more than you sweat out unless you have really high  metabolism.

5. No Water No Milk. No Milk No Weight Loss

Keep hydrated and drink at least 500 ml (17 oz) of water. Studies have shown that the “8-12” glasses of water is not that accurate so we should base it to the liters we take. Water can temporarily boost metabolism by 24-30% and we preggy mommies out there should increase our intake coz its not just good for our health but for our baby as well. We need a lot of liquid coz it obviously it is one of the components of the milk we feed our baby.



I suggest to avoid unnatural liquid such as powdered drinks, energy drinks and sodas as they contain tons of sugar. I prefer to drink coconut juice instead.

Another recommendation is to set an alarm or download an application to remind yourself to drink. As for me I have an alarm every hour. Doing this especially in during snack times could make you full and avoid unnecessary eating.

6. Healthy Mindset

Don’t stress too much on losing weight. Its good to have a goal but it should be realistic! 

I know I said be disciplined but you should know your limitations. You can’t force your body to get thin right away. Remember, it took nine months to put that weight on, so give yourself at least nine months to get it off and get your body back.

For the first two months, expect that you won’t fit yet in your pre-pregnancy clothes. It’s better to focus on your baby first and your body will naturally lose weight together with the other tips I gave.

And everyone has different body. So don’t feel down if your weight loss happens to be slower than others.

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