Squats 101: Facts about Squats

“Squat for bigger butt!” It was said to be the number one must-do if we’re aiming for nice peaches. People often believe the main beneficiary is only the butt area but it’s not. In this blog, I’ll tell the truth behind it and I’ll give some insight on how it could engage at the same time activate other major body parts.


My experience and physical health may differ from everyone else and I’m no gym expert or whatsoever​. I just based my fitness journey from pure experience and with a little help from researches. Please consult your doctor or any fitness professional. I’m just here to share my view about fitness and health.

Everybody has a different body type that not only affects how you look but as well on how you move and how good you will be at certain sports or any physical activity. That being said not everyone doing squats will look the same or will have same results at the end of the day.

The reason why I want to talk about it is because everytime someone asks me if how I grow my butt bigger they always think its because of squats. (I’ll post a different blog of exercise routine specifically for the glutes). Its not actually just because of that. I normally have a wide butt so it was easy for me to make it rounder, thanks to my genes.

Anyways, there are certain body types that you cannot force to do squats like others. Well it doesn’t mean you can’t do it but there are just depths that you can’t just hit easily and guidelines specific for you. It has something to do with physics and human anatomy. For example if you have longfemurs and short torso, in order to keep your center of gravity at midfoot, you need to lean yoir torso forward or otherwise you’re gonna fall down backwards. 

So in order to do such things, YOU MUST KNOW YOUR BODY TYPE first and find a remedy to make yourself upright. In short, I can’t write in this blog how its being done because it’ll take me pages and I’ll need more studies to cater everyone.


  • Squats simultaniously activate many major muscle groups. What are these? They are the glutes, hamstrings, core, spine, obliques and even the calves. So it is a basic that could help your body easily do other workouts.
  • Squats are highly functional. It just doesn’t help you do things in the gym and athletic performace but in many real world activities as well. They help you improve ability to produce power and flexibility.
  • Squats decrese your chances of injury. Meaning you can jump higher and the impact on your ankle, spine, connective tissues, ligaments and other fragile structures can be avoided once your body got used to all the movements of the squat making a stable foundation your body could hold on to. 
  • Squats improves mobility and balance. Strong legs are crucial as we age and squats increase our leg strength. And what other way to make it better is that it improves your core area which could help develop strength to it. The core works extra hard due to the support it gives the back and to make your body upright.
  • Squats increase your metabolism. Like any other exercises, it helps metabolism a lot by improving the body fluids to pump aiding the delivery of nutrition to all tissues, glands and organs. It helps the movement of feces thru the colon for regular bowel movement.  

I’ll end my blog here and stay tuned with my other fitness blogs. I hope you could grasp some of what’s stated and give you motivation to have a healthy lifestyle.

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