Sulwashoo Cushions Review

Hi there my co-Cushion Lovers or for those who are fairly new in the world of cushion makeup, I hope this review could enlighten you what products are worth the hype and cost. I’m going to share with you my take on 3 products of a well known high-end brand in Korea namely Sulwhasoo.

DISCLAIMER: What works or not works on my skin might not have the same results on your skin. Remember, every individual’s skin has different reactions on products and my country might have a different climate to start with. Always know your skin type and skin preference before trying any products especially skincare/makeup.

Just a quick background, Sulwhasoo is considered a luxury brand because of it’s priciness but of course quality is the cutting edge characteristic when hearing this brand. Founder Sung-hwan Suh’s inspiration is the Korean Ginseng which is very popular around the world for its medicinal qualities. He decided, since ginseng is good for health why not make a skincare out of it. So he made his research from scratch and formulated ‘ABC Ginseng Cream’ which is now called the ever famous Sulwhasoo which came from the word ‘SULWHA’ meaning ‘blooming as a beautiful snow on the skin.’

Sulwhasoo became really famous but there’s no doubt its quite marketed as an “ajumma” brand meaning for older women. But I really don’t mind coz I’m already in my 20s and I believe that its not too early to start using anti-aging products. If you start at your 30s, some of your wrinkles might have already appeared and it might be too late too go back. Remember, women’s skin ages faster compared to men.

I give my trust on this brand because I know it’s not just about makeup but the content of it will also help my skin. Coz other cushion, its just makeup for coverage and its not doing any help on the skin and sometimes its harsh on its own so I need to layer an amount of skincare products before it. Unlike this, its like an all-in-one product.

The 3 cushion has SPF 50 and has 7 shades ranging from 11 to 33 with 2 different undertones. See below imwge for reference just in case you’ll be buying online.

1. Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion 

Price: $60 USD

Claim: The prestige brand’s first cushion with apricot kernel oil works to promote collagen production, botanical extracts for antioxidant protection, and Jaumdan water to hydrate.

Its the very first who came out of the market. For what I know it became a hype back in 2014. I became a lover of this cushion since my skin got dry due to pregnancy and even though my skin went back to oily-combination, I still adore this fot it’s dewy finish. It’s coverage never failed me  especially when I have pimple scars or dark spots necessary to cover while keeping my skin hydrates and supple. The down side of this one is that on me, it feels heavy maybe due to its dewy content (Mostly dewy finished makeup tend to be heavy on the skin). And just a quick mention, the strong herbal fragrance is quite disturbing at first but when you get the hang of it, it won’t matter that much anymore.

I just also want to mention that I got mine during the anniversary of Sulwhasoo that’s why it’s packaging is a limited edition with a dome-shaped gold casing and some sort of flower. Isn’t it pretty? I actually fell in love with this and I just won’t stop finding the right online shop where I could get this packaging. And even though I ran out of product, I still use the case and just insert cushion foundation refills.


2. Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion Brightening 

Price: $60 USD

Claim: Magnolia extract reduces the appearance of discoloration and promotes more even-looking skin, while a Pearlescent Complex with extra-fine pearl powders gives skin an immediately luminous look.

At first, I had doubts purchasing this because it might just be like the original one, but its not. Compared to Intense and the original, it also has 7 color range. So for me, I use shade no. 23 in this brand, when I use the no. 23 for brightening it looks lighter than 23 of the original but not to the point that its like 21. It just give you a slight brigtness.

In terms of formula, it’s like the original though its finish is semi-matte with a satin-look on my skin so I prefer this one during hot season. It gives this halo-effect which is brighter than the original though in terms of coverage, this is kinda lighter and the feeling is more light-weight on skin. In short, it give a fresh looking skin that doesn’t look like you’re wearing obvious makeup which I prefer especially when I just need to run errands. Sometimes I use this with a different cushion all over my face then top this on my cheek, chin, T-zone and under eye area.

It’s packaging has the same dome-shaped cover as the original one but if you’ll compare it, it’s purely clean white with a holographic pearl like effect at the middle.


3. Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion Intense

Price: $80 USD

Claim: It’s touted as an anti-aging cushion with skin firming benefits. Key ingredients include red pine extracts, plum blossom, and a Radiance Pearl Powder Complex .

I personally don’t use this because its really expensive. It’s actually my mom’s but I still want to give an overview about this cushion.

As what I said earlier, Sulwhasoo is branded for older women and this product is like the more anti-aging product. It contains ingredients that targets to make the skin look bouncier and younger.

As per packaging, I was drawn by it’s deep chocolate brown color with gold trimming at the side. And it has an ombre-effect towards the noddle of the compact. Really classic and for what I recognized, cushion products specifically for anti-aging are colored either brownish black (Hera), gold (Laneige) or just black.

So for the formula, i tried using it but the shade doesn’t match me as my mom uses the darkest shade. Its quite sheer unlike the Original or the Brightening that even I put layers, it will look like skin. Its coverage is light to medium on my skin. It didn’t really work well on me like it sinks in but not as good as the two but when I tried it on my mom’s face, it looks really nice and it covered her light freckles and dark spots which is weird coz it didn’t work like that on me. Her skin was really radiant. The finish is not super dewy like the Original but it gives a nice glow.



For me, it totally depends on your preference. I like the original and brightening, its just a matter on when I’ll use it and what finish I’m looking for. They all promise a long-lasting finish but honestly, like other cushion foundations, longetivity depends on its finish. Mostly dewy finish fades easier because i have naturally oily face. I don’t stay longer than 10 hours with makeup so I can’t really put a verdict if it will really stay to it’s expectations.

Anyway, I hope this review give you an idea about this brand. I have nothing bad to say to this except the price but it doesn’t really matter because it compensates to the quality their giving, from the formula to its packaging.

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. I can also do a dupe for these once requested. Thanks for reading. Till next time!

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