Troiareuke Seoul Aesthetic Cushion

All is well! Here I am again for another cushion review of a rising cushion brand that is currently making its name in Korea and now is also becoming a word of mouth in Philippines (Thanks to Edward Avila).

Where else could cushion technology be perfected but from the country it all started, Korea. All brands have the same goal, to make a makeup base by combining foundation with skincare for a healthy looking skin and still making the skin benefit from it. Likewise, Troiareuke keeps on developing a makeup base best for the skin. They became famous for the “1% makeup and 99% skincare” bb cream and cushion foundations namely Acsen A+ and H+ Healing cushion.

Now there’s a new comer combing the best of both worlds. If you can’t choose whether to pick A+ or H+ Cushion, Troiareuke is the solution! The good properties of these two cushion were combine into two. Later on, I’ll give my in depth review to this product.

DISCLAIMER: What works or not works on my skin might not have the same results on your skin. Remember, every individual’s skin has different reactions on products and my country might have a different climate to start with. Always know your skin type and skin preference before trying any products especially skincare/makeup.

– Aesthetic Cushion (99% Skincare)
– Skin Professional’s Cushion
– Botox Filler Cushion
– 5+1 Peptide Cushion
– Fill inside and uplift face Cushion
-Anti-aging effect(U.V Protection, Brightening)
– It contains 5+1 types of different peptides.
– 5 kinds of the specially formulated peptides will fill up skin like filler.
– The natural Botox-like peptide will do the lifting.
TROIAREUKE Aesthetic Seoul Cushion is also called Peptide Cocktail.
It contains 6 kinds of peptide and gives a special opportunity for everyone to enjoy safe peptide effects.
How to Use
Use makeup pad to cover the area softly.

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PACKAGING: It’s an okay packaging. Honestly when I first saw the cushion without knowing what’s inside of it, it didn’t give the ‘wow I wanna buy that’ impression. I’m always a sucker for cushions with awesome design and for me, the design of this cushion is a little boring. It’s just plain white with the company’s logo with the regular sleek silver edge. It also has the normal cushion size and width. Maybe it’s just me but if you don’t mind the packaging this will be totally fine to you.

PUFF: It has 2 extra puff! You know the struggle of cleaning a puff and it’s quite expensive to buy individually so thank you Troiareuke. In terms of how it works, it’s like the normal puff, nothing different or negative to my liking.


LONGETIVITY: It works wonder on my skin. I wore it from 9 am till 10 pm and it sinks into my skin while giving it a dewy effect which I totally prefer than super matte finish. Take note my skin is oily-combination but it didn’t look greasy at all. And for what I know, you can fall asleep wearing Troiareuke makeup and it will not break you at all.


FORMULA: It doesn’t feel heavy at all. It’s very light weight and it doesn’t smell anything. I could blend it easily with the puff but when I tried building layers of it after touching up, it’s a little cakey. But it’s normal with cushion foundation with dewy finish I guess. I figured out that this cushion doesn’t really need to have tons of layer, I just need to pat it with the puff if I want to touch up.

SHADE: Unfortunately, there’s only 1 shade which is 23 like the A+ Cushion. Good for me because it’s my exact shade. It has a yellow undertone that suits Asian skin tone. And I’m so happy coz it’s like the first foundation which didn’t oxidized on my skin! Usually I go for shade 21 coz in a matter of hours, it will turn one shade darker but this is an exception. **I won’t recommend this if you have paler skin. You could use H+ which is more for Shade 21.

COVERAGE: It even out my skin. Currently, I don’t really have pimples of dark spot so I haven’t tried building up layers to cover blemishes and what not. So I tried it with the eyeliner and stuff. It’s good! I’m not the full-coverage type of gal and I love this because you could have it from light to buildable coverage. It kinda filled my huge pores which are my No. 1 skin issue

FINISH: it’s a semi-dewy finish from the start. On me after a few hours. It looked dewy but it’s not like dewy grease. It’s more on the natural glow. But if you’re not like me and you prefer a matte finish, you could just put translucent powder.

SKINCARE FACTOR: It says that it’s like the anti-aging cushion that works well with wrinkled skin or for your skin to prevent it. Unfortunately, I can’t say anything yet regarding the skin result because it’s been a week or so that I have used this. But so far, I haven’t experienced any bumps or breakouts.

PRICE: I got it for 1,650 PHP and it doesn’t have any refill! it’s expensive. Mostly you could buy a cushion already with this amount with a refill. I feel bad coz I really like the formula.





I’ve been kinda hesitant to buy the H+ and A+ Cushion because I was thorn which one will I give up. I like the shade of A+ but I want the properties of H+. So I’m happy that they made this product. I just wish they could have a wider shade range to cater other skin tone.

I really love this product if we’re just going to talk literally the product but if we’re going to consider the packaging and the fact that it doesn’t come with a refill, it might go a little down on my standards. But because I’m so obsessed with it, I won’t mind. I think I’ll definitely repurchase it again.



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