Jericho Premium Pomegranate Facial Peel Review

No skin is perfect and whether we like it or not, we experience having this dull, rough, or sometimes dry skin making it look bumpy and flaky! I got you, it feels as if there’s a layer on your skin that you want to get rid off but you don’t know how. It’s the old skin cells that piled up and what’s worse is that it could lead you to having oily skin, clogged pores, blackheads that could end up to acne prone skin. We don’t want that right?

So we should include to our skin routine exfoliation in order to eliminate that old layer of skin and make the skin regenerate and absorb completely the nutrients of the skincare you put afterwards. But we should also put into thoughts how harsh exfoliating can do to our skin. We need to know what will suit our skin. Take note that too much exfoliating might also cause your skin to thin out and make it acne prone. So in order to remove the top layer of the skin while not being too abrasive, you need to exfoliate in a gentle manner.

There are two types of exfoliating, physical and chemical. I tried using physical like those spinning cleansing brush but it’s too harsh for my personal taste. I also tried some chemical peeling  by using different products but it burnt my skin! Then there’s diamond peel but it felt like it’s too harsh as well. So after stumbling down to a lot of products and techniques, I finally found a way to exfoliate gently and it made wonders on my skin.

Today I will introduce you to one of my holy grail skincare product which is the JP Pomegranate Facial Peel. (Stay tuned for my upcoming blogs, I’ll be posting individual reviews of my skincare essentials and afterwards I’ll update you with the complete set and step of my skincare routine.)

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DESCRIPTION: Jericho Premium Pomegranate Facial Peel is a non-abrasive formula using pomegranate extracts to cleanse and exfoliate the skin without scratching. Dead skin, dirt and impurities are gently dislodged and removed allowing fresh, clean healthy feeling skin to be revealed.
50gr (1.76oz)
INGREDIENTS: Water (Aqua), Glycerine, Carbomer, Aloe Vera Juice, Cetrimonium Chloride, Pomegranate Extract,Bladderwrack Extract, Green Tea Extract, Dead Sea Salt (Maris Sal), Fragrance (Parfum), Phenoxyethanol, Red 4 (CI 4700). Yellow 6 (CI 15985)
HOW TO USE: Cleanse skin first with Jericho cleanser. Apply Jericho Premium Pomegranate Facial Peel to damp skin, avoiding eye area. Leave for 10 to 15 seconds, massage gently and rinses well with warm water. Follow with your Jericho moisturizer.

PACKAGING: It comes in a red and silver box then when you open it it has a spatula then the product itself. The container of the facial peel is silver with a glass-type around it and it’s cap is a reflective silver with it’s logo. It looks luxurious with all the design and you know that the company who made this used a good quality of packaging. Though it’s just a little scary to drop because it might break and it’s obviously not travel friendly due to it’s weight.

FORMULA: It’s like a peach-colored gel which is very light-weight. It’s liquidy and you just need a small dollop of product to cover your face.

FRAGRANCE: It has a fragrance but it is not that strong that it will cling into your nose. It smell like a chemical flower. It doesn’t say how much fragrance that I use but personally I prefer skincare that are fragrance-free because sometimes, fragrance are not that good on the face.

APPLICATION: I just follow the instructions on the box. I put a small amount on my forehead, my cheeks, nose and chin and I wait for 15 seconds for it to sink a little on my skin. Then I use my middle and pointing finger to massage the formula on my skin. You can see afterward the dead skin removed. Once I feel that it did the work, I wash my face then start applying my skincare products.


VERDICT: After using it for a month I saw changes on my skin. It became even and combining it with my current skincare routine, I never got any acne anymore. I’m just gonna observe if my pores will shrink. My complexion got brighter and it’s true that my essence, moisturizers, etc. sip in easily compared to before. I also don’t do diamond peel anymore since it’s kinda too much for my skin. Yes it’s pricey but like what I always say, skincare is an investment. And if you think about it, you’re just going to use it once a week. One container is enough to finish within the year.


4 thoughts on “Jericho Premium Pomegranate Facial Peel Review

  1. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Hi! How do you include this in your skin care routine? I have an acne and acne marks. Do you think it’s recommended to use? Thanks.


    1. Hi Lia! I recommend this any skin type as this is an exfoliator. Your skin needs to regenerate once in a while and remove the dirt from the very top layer of your skin. This could also be useful for your acne marks and even help your acne problems.

      What I do is I use this once to twice a week. After cleansing (make sure your face is dry), spread it on your face then start rubbing for like 30 secs or depending how much your skin needs then I wash it with water again then you can proceed to your normal skincare routine.

      I hope this is helpful! But always consult professionals to be 100% sure 😁


    1. Hello Amy! For what I know they have it online but Kedma booths/stores has it along with Organi Brand 😊 or if you want to try a new product, you should try Cure (Japanese Brand). That also is good πŸ‘πŸ»


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