Open Letter: Early Pregnancy Story

I’m 23, got pregnant at the age of 22 and yes it was unexpected. I’m proud that I have Stella and I’m more than lucky to have my partner to stay with me. But I’m not condoning the youth to do the same. And I’m not honestly proud of what happened to me even if you say my boyfriend and I are way in the right age. I kept it as a secret not until I gave birth to protect my daughter, my boyfriend, my family and myself from judgement and for the young generation today to not think that early pregnancy is alright because its becoming a hype.

I don’t know how to boot out my dismay seeing how many teenage moms are excessively flaunting their pregnancy. Was it that acceptable already to society that ladies could proudly shout out to the world their situation may it be bad or not, may their partner left them or not. It won’t only cause trouble to their baby but to their parents’ reputation as well. For me, I totally don’t believe that the parents are the root cause of everything. It solely depends on the individual. We are given individual brain to think and we shouldn’t blame others for our own mishaps. 

Honestly, I felt bad for my parents when they found out my pregnancy. No one was ready back then. No one expected it coming. Its not their fault, they raised me and my siblings well. They gave us everything we need in life. Its just a matter of choice. All I could return to them during that time was respect. Respect to the reputation they’re holding. Don’t get me wrong, we’re still in the same page. I know, you might get confused. I’m not ashamed about my pregnancy but if you want others to give respect to you, give respect to yourself first. And here’s the thing, everybody doesn’t need to know every single detail about your life. Who cares?! Maybe in your mind its how you say you’re happy and proud but not to the extent that you need to be detailed and you need to post every single day. And what, it cleans your name when you make a shame post about that guy who got you pregnant. He was your partner or just a one-night stand that ran away. In the first place, it was your choice to make love or was it just LUST? and you want to blame everything on the guy? Won’t it also ruin you?

There’s always a choice I keep telling over and over again and it was your responsibility to protect yourself. Yes I am proud that you decided to keep that beautiful creature and don’t make that attempt of murder for a stupid reason. Your baby is still human. I’m sorry if you’re one of those women who was left behind but it’s not the end of the world. So many single parents made it and so could you.

Put this into mind, you’re not living alone in this world, you don’t live in a perfect world. Don’t expect that everyone will be nice to you just because you’re pregnant. Whether you like it or not, there are people who will judge you and even if they know the truth behind your situation, they’ll keep their ears shut. I went through that. It was hard, I’m hurt up to this day upon remembering it. Remember, having a child demands huge responsibility and sacrifices. Children are not props to be famous.

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