My Sugar Substitutes 

Today I’ll be sharing with you sugar substitutes I personally use to replace traditional sugar that is either full of chemicals or is too refined that there’s no nutrition left on it. Meaning total garbage to our body!

We live in the era of Diabetes Epidemic. More and more are getting into the ‘healthy living diet’ but still, most of us enjoy eating sweets without proper knowledge how bad it could cause their health. There’s no more excuses with Diabetes. Before old folks say “Eat all the sweets and fats that you can while you’re still young” but even children can be diagnosed with such illness. And unfortunately, some of us like me have no way of escape since it already runs in my blood due to genetic inheritance. It’s not fair but there’s nothing else to do but to reshuffle it with good diet.

Just a disclaimer: I’m no health professional. I Just did all of this through readings and researches. Sugar isn’t the only reason for Diabetes but it is the major factor to it.

I started to lessen my sweets since I was in college. No sodas but I still eat bunch of sweets like chocolate desserts. My Instagram followers know that the best. Then I started cutting carbs and sugar when I got hooked to working out but still I eat tons of yummy delights. Its excessive if you’ll only know. In a day I could finish a whole large cake or 2 big bars of chocolates. But what triggered me the most was when my glucose test spiked when I was pregnant and almost diagnosed to be diabetic. I was so scared that time for Stella. It was January 2017 and you know, post holiday. So what to expect, I ate all the sweets I could plus my boyfriend thought it was okay to give me chocolates every single morning.

And big no to 3-in-one coffees. Filipinos are dependent on those. Besides being cheap, its tasty BECAUSE IT IS FULL OF SUGAR! Sugar that are non- nutritional and calorie added food. It maybe hard but the best way is to lessen bit by bit not drastically coz if you do it all of a sudden, you’re not just sacrificing taste but also it could affect your blood sugar to go down too much.

Let’s dive in!

1. Raw Honey

I’m not talking about flavored honey, I’m talking about pure unadulterated honey. Take note, honey maybe expensive due to its limited supply and nutritional benefits but some products maybe very tricky. You might get enticed with the low cost ones but they might not be real honey.

Anyways, the cool thing about honey is that its technically not a sugar but considered a whole food. So you can intake it every morning or you can make it as a snack. It won’t make you full but it can make wonders to your health. Besides being sweet, taste good and whole food. Honey is also lower glycemic meaning it has lower impact on your blood sugar.

It contains seriously powerful properties such as antioxidants that erradicate those reactive species in our body. Another one is B-Pollen that prevents or takes out allergies out of your system. It gives you an antibody or sort of histamine blocker towards those allergies. Another thing that yoi might not know is that honey has tons of molecurites. You see there’s different minerals that regular sugar hasn’t because it has been all stripped out. So for example you workout, you could replenish with taking a spoon of honey.

BENEFITS: Helps prevent cancer and heart disease, Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, Increases athletic performance, Reduces cough and throat irritation, regulate blood sugar, probiotic, antioxidant

2. Blue Agave Nectar

Yes, you probably have heard it before. Coming from that cactus, this is where you get tequilla but we’re not talking about how to make alcohols here. It contains has low glycemic but its not that low that it won’t give an effect to your blood sugar and also not so high. Its right smack in the middle so its just enough to refuel your muscles and liver without that negative implications. It is very easy for the body to breakdown and take note, it is sweeter than sugar. You just need a very small amount and it could sweeten dishes or beverages perfectly.

This is personally my favorite. I use this on my oatmeal, coffee, spicy dishes and whatsoever.

BENEFITS: Rich In Calcium, Low In Calories, Largely Organic, Sweeter Than Sugar, Contains more fructose than sugar

3. Dates

I’m not talking about date-date. But the dates you get when your family goes to middle eastern countries and brings back these goodies. You can chop them very finely and add it to whatever you like for example muffins or oats.

It has a high percentage of fiber. In addition in getting the high carbohydrates sweet benefit, it negates a lot of negative impact by having a big amount of fiber. Another benefit is that it contains potassium good for workout restoration. Another fact that other people doesn’t want to talk about is that, like prunes, it could help you with that bowel movement irregularity.

BENEFITS: Boosting Heart Health, Anti-Inflammatory, Reduced Blood Pressure, Boosting Brain Health, Healthy Pregnancy and Delivery, Reduced Stroke Risk 

4. Zero Caloriea Sweeteners (Stevia & Equal)

I just want to correct that it is not an artificial sweetener, some of you might be thinking that way. It is basically a portion of the plant extract called Stevia Rebaudiana plant that is 300 times sweeter than sugar. It has been used in southern part of the world like Brazil for glycolic and digestive issues. It is known to be safe for diabetic and it is good for weight conscious since it has 0 calories.

Its a little bitter if you’re very sensitive to taste. But even if has a different taste I prefer this over Splenda due to a lot of reasons. (I’ll make a new blog once requested).

On the other note, I also use equal the one in tablet forms. Its very travel friendly and I can take it anywhere. If ever I need to drink coffee or something, if I want it sweet I just need to add a tablet. Unlike Stevia, it is artificial containing aspartame, dextrose, maltodextrin and acesulfame potassium more likely Splenda though I just chose this because Splenda is double the price. What differs it from Splenda, it that is had also zero calories.

BENEFITS: Zero-calories

I hope this blog helped you in some way. There are many sugar substitutes out there but these are what I personally use. And please put into mind that daily exercise together with proper diet is best if you’re aiming a healthy body and mind. Lessening the sugar level is just a portion of it. 

Thanks for reading!

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