Pony Effect Everlasting Cushion Foundation

I originally discovered Korean Beauty Trend since I subscribed to Pony in YouTube. I think it was early 2013 back then and she’s already famous in Korea for her Makeup Tutorials. Because of her known talent from doing CL’s makeup and other KPoP stars, she became an icon herself. And her passion for beauty inspired her to put up her own brand ‘Pony Effect’. This made the consumers hooked to her product since they know that Pony assured that she only uses the best quality of products that she could get. 


What’s more tempting about Pony products was that she personally studied every detail of her products and customized everything to her taste from the branding to packaging to its formula. From her line, you know its ‘Pony Approved’ and you could feel and see how clean and luxurious every piece she has. Her marketing strategy really appealed a lot of beauty lovers around the world. But I must admit, its on the pricier side with high-end brands in Korea like Hera, Laneige, Iope, Ohui, etc. and it’s quite hard to access. The easiest way is to order it online. 

It’s so funny coz I have this cushion for over a year now and I totally forgot how much I wanted to make a review on this one. There are so many new products already and reviews floating around the internet and I hope that this review could still help you gain some idea on Pony Effect products. 



I liked that it comes in two different undertones, pink and yellow. It came in 5 different shade range from 13 to 23 but it felt like its not enough. Even though 23 is the darkest, its still too light for other race like Filipinos. I got No. 21 Natural Ivory which is the perfect shade for me. Its a little bit light but as it sink into my skin, it darkens to my actual complexion due to oxidation. So I recommend to choose a shade lighter coz afterward, it will get a little darker.



In Korea, you could buy this thru Memebox Stores but for Filipinos like me, I just avail moat of my korean products thru online shops or Althea. As of now its quite hard to find stores selling Pony Effect products so I suggest to find sellers thru instagram or if you have a friend going to Korea, that’ll be the best.


wp-image-1098586518.jpgLike other cushion products, it comes with the actual cushion and extra refill. I was automatically drawn to Pony Effect’s packaging. Pony signature color is dark blue and rose gold which is very in trend right now. Its very sleek and looks so luxurious. You can feel from the weight and look of the casing that the material is the real thing. Compared to normal cushion foundations, this one is different for it’s square-shaped case with magnetic locking system. It’s weird I find it satisfying. You don’t need to press to open it. It’s quite thin as well so the refill is expected to be thin. I tried putting other refills but they don’t match and vice versa, I tried putting the refill on other cushion cases but they’re incompatible. Overall, I love love love the packaging! 


This is the best cushion puff! Its really different from the usual. Its like a beauty blender turned into a puff. Its thick, bouncy and soft enough. Up til now, it hasn’t break even if I used and washed it for so many times. I use this all the time that sometimes I replace other cushion puffs with this. You know that Pony really put into thought the application process coz usually the puff of normal cushion foundations are just plain thin and could get destroyed easily. 


It’s a very buildable foundation. I could layer it heavily and on my skin and it still doesn’t cake. It glides smoothly and you can see from the photo that it could somehow lighten the deep black eyeliner with just one layer. I don’t look for high coverage foundation like Clio’s so I don’t mind that its not as full coverage as that. Besides, I could just use concealer if I have really bad pigmentation. 


It stays true to its claim. Its supposed to be for dry skin due to its dewy finish but even I use this. Knowing that I have oily-combination skin, this doesn’t make my face gooey but instead, it looks I just have some glowy natural highlighter. This is my go-to foundation since 2016 and this has saved me during times that my skin was flaking due to pregnancy. So I totally recommend this to all skin types. If you don’t like the dewy finish, you could just put powder on top and it will last you the whole day.


On me, it could last the entire day. Its dewy and as I observe, my skin still looks good at the end of the day without being too greasy. It just looks glowy. I usually just retiuch with the puff without adding any more product since I don’t want a thick layer on my face. 


The formula has a mild usual makeup scent. Its not too overpowering and I really don’t mind the scent since it wears off through out the day. 


I love this foundation since the first day I tried it. I recommend this not oily for dry skin but to oily as well. I’ve been using this for a year and still, I haven’t finished my 1st refill and I barely need to use tons of product to cover my face especially that I just want a sheer cover.

As of the whitening and anti wrinkiling effect, I don’t know if it works but as a foundation, it’s an A+. The only downside with this is that you can’t can’t interchange the case and refills to other cushions and it’s quite pricey. So if you want to splurge your money on good makeup, this one is a must-have. 

Would I repurchase? Definitely, but I think I might try the other cushion (Defense longwear). On reviews they said that they’re lamost the same, just the protective skincare part differs which I’m into. Also I want to collect her cushion line.

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