False Dreams

A lifetime means a lot. Being there for someone and extending yourself for that person means sacrificing yourself just for the benefit of letting that one person stay in your life. Its a decision you need to ponder over and over again. Some are lucky if they don’t need to. They’re lucky if that person knows so well the capability of ones heart, mind, body and soul; and the effort put over the limit is given with so much appreciation.
Some know what they want and what they think might happen for the future, a plan there is. But sometimes plans can’t also happen so it happens to be just a dream? 

What if you were given a chance to choose, to love someone or to love yourself? Who will you choose? Its easy to say that you should love yourseld but what if loving someone selflessly is the solution for you to love yourself in the long run? Would you take the risk and endure for a while the loneliness and ache. And just give up on the dream you’ve already built halfway thru. 

You are never sure. You will never be sure what future could give. Its hard to choose especially when you know two different endings might happen. Your lifeline starts now!

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