Pony Effect Defense Longwear Cushion Foundation Review | Pollution Cushion

Congested nose, throat, lungs, eyes, and SKIN.. all coming from the everyday pollution we encounter from going to work or just going out of the house. Even if I live in the ‘province’ area, there’s no escape especially with the increasing number of vehicles. Though I could say the air quality is way better these days because its wet season again but dust season and pollution will be here to stay even if its not visible. Not all of you are aware how much damage it could cause our skin and making it prone to acne and aging. 

Why are we talking about pollution? Coz yes, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on one of the cushion product that is formulated towards radical pollution, the newest addition, Pony Effects Defense Longwear Cushion. No wonder this product will be a hit since a lot of us can relate with the environment it is specifically marketed

Its been a while since I heard its release and because I love the EVERLASTING cushion, I was tempted to try this. So let’s get into it!



  • Whitening, Anti-wrinkle, UV Protection SPF50+/PA+++ (refill included)
  • Protect your skin from the pollution with Urban Defence Effect
  • Long-lasting Cushion Foundation fits into skin quickly and smoothly



I obviously fell in love with the packaging. In my opinion, all Pony Effect products have an excellent packaging. It looks so luxurious and the quality the use is heavy enough or compensates more to the price you pay. 

Like the previous cushion released, the defense cushion came with the box and an extra refill which includes their ever so wonder puff (puffiest cushion puff I ever tested). The only difference is the color of the cushion case itself. I like it the best coz of it’s clean holographic case which is totally my jam. The inside is like the other two with its signature navy blue color. The only indication that the cushion is different from the other two is the labelling at the back which is a metallic silver. 

SHADE: ♡♡♡♡

Like the other two previous cushions, it is available in 5 shades (13 – 22) but for what I know Pony launched 2 darker shades (23 – Buff & 25 – Sand) in the spectrum to add diversity. So its A+ if I’m going to make a score compared to other Korea  cushions who are solely marketed towards light skins.

By the way, I got mine in fair in case you are wondering. Why is it different from the 1st Pony cushion I purchased? Coz recently my skin is oxidizing all sorts of foundation and my skin got lighter due to frequent stayinh indoors. 

FINISH: ♡♡♡♡♡
Take note that I have oily/combination skin but I usually go for dewy finish because of the changing weather. My skin is oily but it flakes with matte finished foundations and I don’t like how it looks flat on the skin.

I saw reviews already how this totally feels and works as the Everlasting cushion (original cushion targetted for dry and aging skin) except the skincare properties it has. But on me, its the perfect fit. Its dewy enough but not too dewy unlike the Everlasting and not too matte neither like the Coverstay cushion (2nd cushion released targetted for oily skin with a matte finish).


Like the Pony Effect Everlasting Cushion, it’s a medium to buildable foundation. You can actually play with it since it blends well. Just be careful to not put too much coz on other skin, it tends to cake up. It’s still advisable to know if this kind of products suits your skin type.

On me, it’s gives the perfect coverage I needed on my skin. I don’t actually have blemishes but I also have discolorations. I personally will just cover those with a concealer and for me it’s totally fine coz I don’t want a full coverage foundation especially that I’m just using it for regular days and I want my skin to still peak thru. I just want a little coverage to make it look glowy and flawless.


It stays on my skin for the whole day, well not literally but the whole time I need coverage. I’m not a gal who wears makes up for more than 8 hours so I cannot say it lasts really wrong. But what can I say is that it keeps my face moisturized all through out the day. It sinks in to my skin leaving my face looki “chok chok” without making it look like I wear makeup. It leaves my skin healthy looking thru out the day.


From the name itself “Defense Longwear”, I expect a lot from the skincare because it is marketed for those people who likes to protect their skin from the harsh pollution. To tell you the truth, I really don’t notice the skincare properties effect of cushion foundations. The only thing that I worry so much is that if I will breakout or what and if it will blend into my skin and whatsoever. I guess with this one the skincare is doing its job for moisturizing my skin and protecting my skin for further pollutants.

VERDICT: 4.5/5 ♡

I love this foundation like how I love the Everlasting and if I were to ask, I’ll repurchase this over the two cushions coz even though its same as Everlasting, I genuinely feel that the skincare properties here are more suited for my skin knowing the weather extremeties in our country. But of course, I’ll always recommend to never ever skip your skincare especially sunblock even if the cushion promises skincare qualities. 


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