FOOD SCOUT: Las Flores, Podium

Hello my beloved readers! Here I am again for another review but today I decided to have a variation with my site and include food because not all of you may relate to my mommy life, cosmetics and fitness. Its also exciting for me to share my food experiences since I was born to appreciate food in many ways.

Recently, my family and I were experimenting on different cuisines and we’ve been interested on Spanish dishes since we’ve tried so many Chinese, American, Italian and Japanese restaurants already.

And to give you a good start, I’m gomna review my dinning experience at Las Flores situated at Podium. We went there to celebrate my dad’s birthday. It serves Spanish cuisine and it already has existing branches at BGC and they decided to put up a new branch/franchise at Podium.


INTERIOR | ☆☆☆☆☆

I was impressed with the interior design of the place. Even just at looking from outside, your eyes could never say no to it. It has a clean, luxurious feel to it. Its a mixture of Modern and Cozy design and everything just clicked together. Totally my style.

MENU | ☆☆☆

Las Flores have 3 menu mainly for food, drinks  and for their bar area. Please see slideshow to get a better view of it.

The menu is very vibrant and made with thick cardboard. I haven’t taken any actual photos of it so I just borrowed the online photos from Zomato. The design is what it is. They have a good variety of food but the first thing I said was ” There are no pictures?”. Yes I always look for photos when searching menu especially if its my first time. It’s a plus that they have the description below the name but its better to see it to know what to expect. But overall menu is okay in terms of variety.

FOOD | ☆☆☆☆

There are many criteria to declare that the food is good. So here, I will consider the freshness of the produce they used; different texture in individual dishes; portion; plating; combination of sides to the main ingredient and of course the taste.

  • Plating | ♡♡♡♡♡

As for the plating, its “Instagrammable”. They’re so pretty and looks so delicious that you want to dive in but you need to wait coz you need to take a picture 😂.

  • Proportion | ♡♡

If your the type of person who doesn’t care to splurge on good quality of food, this is the right place for you. Since they give good quality of food, I think the price is somewhat worth it. But honestly, even though we ordered quite a lot… I wasn’t that full. For example the Paella, if you’ll look at it, it looks a lot but its honetly thin and spreaded out the pan. We ordered two big one and we’re 5 but its still not enough plus we ordered 3 meat and 2 tapas.

  • Taste, Texture, Combination, Variation | ♡♡♡♡♡

Good food! That’s the first thing that came to my mind everytime I try I their dish. Though I really haven’t tried Spanish dishes originally from Spain, I consider this real Spanish food. I also tried Barcino before and for me the level of their food is equal. I cannot compare since they’re just different in many ways. When I tried just dipping the bread in their olive oil with infused garlic and shrimp… I was speechless. The Paella is not greasy and the hardness of rice is just perfect for my preference though I’m looking for some little crust at the bottom but overall it is good. The CARILLERAS AL OLOROSO (my favorite), a beef dish was the best for me. I liked how soft it is and it just melts in my tongue. It’s perfect to match with the Paella or just alone by itself.

And the rest of the food made me say Yummmm!!!


From the time we entered the door, the owner and waiters were courteous. They offered highchair because they saw we have a baby so its a plus and they warmly greeted us. And like what customers expect from a good restaurant, they keep asking us what we need without us asking. They gave us refillable bread like other restaurants and I must say, they’re good! Its as if they know what we will say. To add, they gave us their calling card in case we would like to inquire.

In terms of waiting/serving time, it isn’t that long. Its enough for customers to appreciate the space and chitchat. So overall, its a good dinning experience.


– all are cooked to perfection (meat is tender, paella is not mushy, etc.)

– high quality of produce used

– good plating

– excellent customer service


– pricey

– meals (except paellas) are only good for 1 serving

– no pictures on the menu

 ☆☆☆ I highly recommend this place ☆☆☆

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