Huxley Secret of Sahara |Skincare Review 

“Great things never come from comfort zones”, the belief Huxley breathes in as a company. I agree to this and so should we apply this to our normal lives to remain competitive. But we’ll know if this is a misleading statement or a fact Huxley claims just for the sake of branding.

Huxley has been lately a word of mouth in the world of skincare. It became hyped to celebrities to beauty reviewers and bloggers. Of course, company like Glow Recipe is promoting and raving about it, but you’ll be impressed by how quick the KBeauty market responses considering the price and how diverse their competition is especially in Korea. So that led my curiousity to try if it is worth the hype.

I’ve been wanting to get my hands on Huxley products since I first heard it from Joan Kim but honestly, my first thought was that they’re so EXPENSIVE that I’d rather buy trusted high-end products or buy many cheap tested ones like “The Ordinary”. I guess my years of experience dealing with various skincare products have somehow pushed up my standard while still thinking cost. I am not easily vowed or impressed anymore neither inclined to fall for marketing traps and buy things that aren’t suitable for me. So there is good, and bad.

But boy I was lucky to receive a trial set as a gift. So I am here again to give my honest opinion if this will be added to my APPROVED list of products.



Retailers offering international shipping like Stylekorean, Yesstyle, Ebay, Jolse, Hermo, and Sweet Corea are selling the products on their website too. Normally retailers do not react to new skincare brand that fast – unless they are positive that it will sell well in the future. But the abundance push marketing they made with Beauty YouTubers and bloggers as well as celebrities made a positive note to comsumers especially that they boomed during the season when the “7 x Toner/Essence” was introduced, mid of 2017.



From what I researched, this trial version from online sellers thru IG/shopee costs 780 PHP already! That’s way expensive already knowing each bottle only has 4 mL. Comparing it to even highend ones like Lancome or Estee Lauder who at least give 10-30 mL per product for FREE with every purchase or if you buy it from sellers costs only 300 – 500 PHP. Hmmmm. I might think twice.

As I checked upon, the full size bottles for these 3 in Korean original price is $26 while it ranges from $40-$50 depending on the online store. So its best to just ask someone going on a trip to Korea to buy it there rather than doing it online unless yheir offerinh discount. Because its so expensive with the amouny it contains.



Like the ingredients Huxley offers, they extend their minimalistic approach to their packaging. The three products were put in a clear glass dropper but the full size on the otherhand, even they’re also in a glass dropper, the oil essence’s bottle has a matte finish. The material used is not cheap for sure but it’s a little troublesome if ever the bottle will be dropped.

Like the usual, it has a box with labels and ingredients. Nothing over the top that’s why its attracting especially minimalism is a big thing now.

I will rate the products overall and will base it from its formulation and effectiveness. Please refer to the stars given. Highest is 5 and 1 is the lowest.


| Secret of Sahara Oil Essence|


Huxley Secret of Sahara Oil Essence is essentially a moisturizing and anti-oxidizing serum. It packs nutritious cactus seed oil into lightweight essence to give it a unique, bouncy, but smooth texture. There is a good 61% of cactus seed oil inside as well as a bunch of botanical extracts to offer long-lasting moisture and protection for your skin.

I love antioxidants! Meaning anti-aging, protection for my skin from pollutants and the sun so I was automatically drawn to the oil essence. Personally, I like to think of this product as as an antioxidant booster serum. It is claimed to be a “HYPER” product — combination of both worlds, essence and oil. What’s best about it is that you get the nourishment you need from oils while as an essence, getting the concentrated properties of the cactus. I remembered I was rushing out to ran errands and decided to just put this on alone. Well, it made my skin very supple and moisturized from 9AM til 4PM. On days I have used it, my skin is softer and smoother to the touch, and the moisture lasts longer. I also noticed a soft glow and plumper complexion after adding this into my routine. However, I cannot tell if there’s any visible improvements to my complexion due to limited amount of product. Of course, antioxidant is a long-term investment so it is too early to say that this is obsolete.


|Secret of Sahara Essence : GRAB WATER|


This refreshing watery gel essence is an oasis for tired skin. The Huxley Water Grab Essence fills and plumps skin with intensive hydration. Featuring 85% Sahara Cactus extract along with Peppermint and Grapefruit extracts, this essence quenches and awakens skin. Sahara Cactus Seed Oil, a non-comedogenic oil high in Vitamin E, is revered for its ability to quickly absorb into skin while imparting lasting hydration and protecting the skin from stress and aging with its high concentration of antioxidants.

The texture is different from what it was categorized. Its in a watery oil form not an essence, though it doesn’t separate so you know cohesion of liquid substance is properly distributed. Its just weird because essence for me is usually either a serum form or a toner like SK II. You can feel that it is very concentrated yet it gets quickly absorbed by the skin like essence. Out of all three Huxley essences I have tried, I think the Grab Water Essence is the lightest in term of consistency and the second fastest in term of absorbency (the fastest one should be the Oil Essence). It leaves my skin really nourished without any stickiness that you usually expect from facial oil or nourishing serum.

I think it is a good moisturizing and anti-oxidizing serum. It would work great for dehydrated, normal-to-dry, and combination skin, because its lightweight oil properties allows it to heal and smooth the skin without greasing it up or encouraging more sebum production. However, I don’t think this will work great for oily or dry skin, unless you happen to have dehydrated skin too. Individuals who are not used to facial oil and want to get a lightweight hold of facial oil can opt for this as well. However, if you are fan of facial oil then this is definitely too lightweight for you.


|Secret of Sahara Oil Light and More|


The Huxley Light and More Oil is a highly concentrated blend of antioxidant-rich, Organic Sahara Prickly Pear Cactus Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Sunflower Oil that melts seamlessly into skin, providing plumping hydration and firming nutrition to the skin. Its also packed with antioxidants and proteins and due to its high skin affinity, is easily absorbed for a non-greasy finish.

There’s something about oils always that scares me because its too heavy and thick that will just sit on top of my skin. Making it putting another layer of oil on my oily face. Yuck! But since my skin changed making it normal with a bit of dryness due to the weather, I’ve been toying with the idea of trying again oil for night time uses.

As for Huxley’s, the Sahara Prickly Pear Cactus oil is known to have the highest concentration of Vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids of all other facial oils available in the market. Making it truly moisturizing. It’s also antioxidant rich, absorbs quickly into the skin, and is known to be non-irritating. Thus, the product is truly suitable for all skin types.



Personally, nothing much differs from the 3 except the texture. Their purposes are mainly for antioxidant benefits and hydration but to be honest… I think I’ll just purchase one and that’s the Oil Essence. I don’t think its necessary for me to use all since they seem all act as serum step. And I like to mix and match my skincare products to target both anti-aging, brightening, pore tightening and avoidance of pimples. One is enough to do the purpose of hydration which is quite effective. It just depends on the texture of product you prefer. I still have a big BUT… there’s so many products out there that is multifunctional in terms of performance like anti-aging and brightening which i look for with a reasonable price. I think I just liked Huxley just because of the packaging and fine texture.



Always thankful for my readers. Until next time.😀


Feel free to recommend or comment any of your thoughts to the comment section below or thru private email.


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