FOOD SCOUT: Hanamaruken Review

Ohio! Are you up for another food blog? Yup, I’ve also set as a goal to at least post one foodie blog every month. So let’s go!

Japanese food. Yummm! I don’t know if you’re like me but every now and then I crave some sushi or ramen or rice bowl (depends on my mood). And knowing my husband is Japanese, we lean towards that cuisine. Here in the Philippines you’ll see a lot of Japanese restaurant, mostly selling ramen but only a few were included to PASSED list. Due to my continuous food discovery, my standard stepped up. This applies to any cuisine but with the help of my Japanese husband, I keep on learning what is a good and bad Japanese food.

MENU (Zomato): Hanamaruken

I will only give my overall ratings as per the primary criteria with 5 as the hight and 1 as lowest. My criteria for deciding as always includes the following (Please let me know if I have forgotten anything that you think is vital for food reviewing):



|Cleanliness|Interior Design|Location|Comfort|

Overall the place is clean and nice 😀!

I love the interior. It felt like you’re in Japan. The combination of wood and the paintings gave an authentic vibe. Its very instagramable but if we’re going to talk about comfort, its not that good. I understand that Japanese usually have thus kind of chair in order for customers to not stay long. I’m just looking for option sits that have cushion but all are flat wood.



|Quality of Ingredients|Freshness|Uniqueness|Plating|Authenticity|Menu

The food is good thought I cannot categorize it as superb. You pay for what you eat meaning the quality of food compensates its cost but its not the food that exceeds what you pay for. So far, this is one of the “Japanese” restaurants (thought I may not now what authentic Japanese really is) I like around South.

Tempura is good. Ramen is good but greasy. Rice is delicious as well. From what the waiter said, best seller is the Happiness Rice Bowl and Signature Happiness Ramen (Happiness = Cholesterol? 😂).

But let me be honest. The first time I ate here, I totally liked it that I even told to myself to bring my family next time so that they’ll experience good food. But during the 2nd and 3rd time… it doesn’t seem a wow to me anymore.



|Responsiveness, Extra Effort, etc.|

Service is average that’s why I only gave 4. They give free house tea which is a plus and they respond quickly even if I’m not asking what I need. Though I don’t if they’re like that because there were only a few customers that time.



Overall, I could give this a 3.8 out of 5. The experience is good and I recommend these to people who love Japanese food. There’s still a lot of room for improvements but it is worth giving a try. They need to make food that could give a “WOW” effect knowing the food is kinda expensive compared to other Japanese food in the market.

Til next review!

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