Clio Kill Cover Founwear Cushion XP | #3-BY

Clio has been a staple in the Korean Beauty Market. It is one of the roadshop brands that is widely known for its reputation particularly on their base makeups– foundation, concealer, cushion products, etc. And “Kill Cover” is usually the automatic word I personally think of when someone asks me what’s its trademark product/line.

I haven’t really tried any Clio products since I’m not a fan of full coverage products. I always think full coverage is heavy and unnecessary for my skin. But I began to have some interest on it since Jen Kim (@meejmuse) began to consistently rave about their products and just hyped the new Kill Cover Founwear as her staple.

You’ll know why here… so let’s hurry go go!


The item comes in a lengthy box that contains all the product information…in Korean so its a bit troublesome to search. It doesn’t include a pamphlet or something that you could read on. For me its okay coz I research before I get my hands on the products but for someone who just bought it without research, it might be a downside. One good thing is that the shade is included so that you won’t need to open the whole thing just to check if you got the right shade which is a constant struggle with other products I’ve encountered.

As for the cushion itself, I was speechless. I honestly bought this with 90% based on the cushion packaging. Its so sleek and simple. The gold mirror front cover and black basing makes it look expensive.

The product meaning the foundation is well intact. When I peel off the sticker cap, there’s another sticker cap. For others they might think its unecessary but for me, A+ for being extra. Not everyone use makeup right away. For someone who stock up, its beneficial coz as you know, the product inside sometimes leak or spill.


Nothing so special about the puff. I could give it a 3.8/5 rating. It’s way puffier compared to others but its nothing transformational or I would pick up even when I’m using other products.


Unlike other Korean brands, Clio offers 4 shades which has an advanatage from others who usually just have 2-3 choices. I’ve heard that 05 Sand suits “Filipino Morena” skin although of course not the really dark one. I just hope they could expand and add another one.

As for me, I chose 03 Linen just to stay safe since I haven’t really tried any Clio base products and I Ginger might be dark on me coz almost all products oxides on my skin. As I could say it pretty matches my skin and it actually didn’t oxidize that much on me which is a total shock.


It has a very light consitency. Its thin and it feels as if I’m not wearing a foundation. Clio gained popularity for its excellent coverage products but I cannot guarantee that its like other cushion products that has other special concerns like skincare benefits (anti-aging/whitening, etc.). I’m the type of person who is scared of full coverage but this one like Jen Kim said is very adjustable meaning I could use it with a small amount and spread it and still having the results I’m expecting. It sinks into the skin and adjusts to your skin without oxidizing.

I thought its going to be overly matte but its not. Its the perfect makeup for oily people considering the hot weather. But Jen has dry skin but she highly recommended this.


☆ Cheap

☆ Luxurious and well packaging

☆ comes with refill

☆ Full coverage

☆ Light weight

☆ recommended for all skin type

☆ sinks into the skin

☆ doesn’t oxidize

☆ perfect for photography

☆ good for tropical countries


☆ not recommended for cold weather use

☆ needs skin to be well prepped before using

I like this product depending on how and when I will use it. Its not a perfect remedy to my skin like Pony Effect that even if I haven’t moisturized will make my skin even and moisturized. There are days especiaply during cold season that CLIO makes my face feel so dry after applying making my cheeks and oily T-zone flake. My cheek skin will crack even applying this product after using moisturizer.

But I learnt that if I use my heavy duty moisturizers not the light weights, it could make it work just fine.

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