Begginer’s Guide: Skincare Tips Part 1

I’m an avid fan of Korean skincare method and when I was starting up, I was religiously following the trends. But as I understand more about my skin and get educated about product branding and specialities , the best recommendation I could give is to KNOW YOUR OWN SKIN and START WHILE IT’S STILL EARLY! Not everything in trend will suit you. Its just like wearing clothes. It may be in trend but that doesn’t mean it will look good on you. Let it suite you and not press yourself to suit it.

I made an easy but tricky guide to help you evaluate the products you REALLY need.

1. Know your skin

It’s always a must to know your skin type before buying a product and please note as well that climate also affect skin type. Consider how environment could change your skin.

2. Research before you buy

Impulsive buyers, let this be a lesson. Skincare are not cheap. Its better to spend money on something that works. If you are still not sure even if you’ve opt to research your way out thru Mr. Google and YouTube, ask for samples. Hearing and reading reviews are not enough to justify a product’s effectiveness.

Most of the Korean Retail stores give free samples especially when you go to Korea, or Singapore, Taiwan, HK, etc. They’re very generous when you purchased a certain amount of products. When we talk about Western, they also do that but only for high-end brands.

3. Treat skincare as an investment/ Be firm to your goal and change your mindset

Taking care of your skin doesn’t guarantee drastic results. It is not something you do for today and your skin will automatically bounce back into baby skin. Its always better to start early for prevention. Instead of buying clothes or makeup why not alot a portion of your savings on a serum or moisturizer. You don’t want to say one day that you wished you did it earlier. You might not be seeing some results coz you’re in your early 20s but when you hit 30s, you’ll thank yourself.

Your mindset should always be “PRO Prevention” instead of just acting coz you already saw some trouble on your skin like pimple or wrinkles. If you do prevention, you can avoid those stuff. Its hard to instill this mindset to someone who just don’t understand coz they don’t see physically YET results. Its like business, relationships and life in general. If you don’t take care of it, it might repel and reject you forever.

4. It’s okay to experiment but try it one at a time

Finding the right skincare products and devising your routine is a “trial and error” process. But it doesn’t mean you need to try everything all at once. You don’t want to overwhelm your skin, it needs to adjust like you when doing something out of the ordinary.

Let say you have your routine already and you want to include a new products. Include only 1 product and see how it reacts on you. Its just common sense. If you try 2 or more, if it doesn’t work it’ll be hard to distinguish where did it go wrong.

5. Understand the product use and ingredients

I always look at the ingredients and not only base my critic on what was stated by the product to be. I’ve been through a lot of products and some of them gave promising product definition but did not compensate. Always, always know what is inside coz your skin is the one in stake here. Especially the sensitive one, know your products well.

Here are some of the 10,500 chemicals usually used that you must avoid:

6. Price matters but not all the time

Some of you might be skeptical or prefer buying expensive ones with big names because it is proven and they claim to be one of the best based on magazines or commercials or websites and maybe by beauty bloggers. But the truth is, they habe money for sending PRs and marketing related activities. Not all expensive means they work but also be careful with cheap ones. Sometimes they just give you what you pay. Its always safe to research thoroughly.

If you have budget concerns, FIND DUPES!

Below are a few lists of the billion dupes you could try. Feel free to research and message me if you want to create a separate blog about dupes. I’m more than willing to do it for you guys. 😊

7. Mix and Match!

You don’t need to stick to one product line. Be adventurous and customize according to your needs. Our skin has so many issues and why not target everything.

Issues you might be interested to consider:

β˜† dry/flaking skin

β˜† oiliness

β˜† scars and pigmentations

β˜† wrinkled skin

β˜† acne

β˜† blackheads & whiteheads

β˜† damaged skin thru pollutants

β˜† enlarged and clogged pores

There’s so much more but these are the usual issues an individual encounter and there’s a solution in every one of them. Good for you if you can find an all in one product but there’s no such thing. Maybe some claim but most of the concentration might not have stayed to it’s truest form.

So for me, I prefer to single out products targeting individual concerns. At least I know that the main ingredient is simplified and not adulterated.

8. Vital skincare steps

*I’ll make a seperate blog for product recommendations and building a routine. Feel free to give suggestions

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