Beginner’s Guide: Althea Skincare Must Haves

Finally! I’m giving some of my top picks skincare goodies since a lot of you guys have been requesting and asking how to start from barely using anything and to what products should be used.

Let’s say I have 1 recommendation per skincare category, these are the products I’ve tried and loved so far and would highly suggest.

Please note that I’ve considered the products based on how they work well on various skin types and how they could possibly be used by the majority. I also did a lot of research before buying and based most of it from beauty influencers. But as what I always say, what works for me might not perfectly work for you. Its always best to know your skin or ask your dermatologist for safe use especially for sensitive skin. This is only my take as an amature beauty addict.

I limited myself for this blog to ALTHEA Korea, PH as it is accessible and they deliver to your door step with just a few clicks. Plus they deliver free once you reach a certain amount and give discounts with their seasonal promo codes.

*If you have specific concerns, you can add that up for my next blog.

1. Cleanser

I’m not really picky with cleansers as long as it does the job getting rid of dirt, I’ll take it. I prefer the foam type rather than the gels as it easily bubbles up which is really satisfying and as you may know, foams easily remove sebum/oil. For me, The Faceshop’s works well and I’d rather splurge on other skincare products on the preceeding steps that vitally penetrates to the skin. Plus it’s lemon, anything with Vitamin C is a must for me.

2. Exfoliator

I chose these exfoliating products not because I trust the brand but because they work as a multitasking step. It serves as a mask and a physical exfoliator. I didn’t choose just one since we have different skin concerns and ingredient preferences. Skinfood’s mask exfoliators works well and has been known for its organic compounds. The most hyped are the Rice Mask Wash Off(click to view full review) and the original Black Sugar Wash Off. I personally tried both and loved them. They have different consitency and use. The black sugar is more packed with scrub bits and a lot denser while the rice is slightly loose. What differs is the benefit as well. The reason why I liked the black sugar is because of its consistency. While for the rice is its brightening benefits.

It really differs from preference. Like for Joan Kim (one of my favorite Youtubers) prefers the strawberry because of how the tiny particles work on her skin.

*I’ll make a specific blog for the differences of these masks

3. Toner/Essence

I’ve been a religious user of essence since I saw results from consistent usage. And I want to shoutout to this products coz its one of my miracle skincare products. It’s essentially duped as SKII and Estee Lauder and even my favourite beauty guru’s raved this like Jen Kim (@meejmuse).

I also want to take note. That toner in terms of Korea is different from the Western or Philippine definition. Usually we assume that toners are the one that we use with the cotton and we can see dirt from it. Most of those toner products contain astringent relying on alcohol and witch hazel. Thus it focuses on oil absorbance and minimizing the appearance of pores, which in theory sounds great.

The toner Korea made a craze about are these watery substance that I thought before… useless. But it is pact with nutrients that your skin rely on especially it absorbs the easiest and the 1st step after cleansing. If you’ve heard about the 7-toner- method, yep! They meant these guys. You can use a cotton pad but to achieve better result and to fully maximize the product, its better to put the product directly on your hands and pat them to your skin.

Its an investment and for this bottle, it takes a year to finish with 2x use per day. The only down side to this is that the bottle is so heavy and fragile. It’s so bulky that I transfer it to other bottles for travel purposes and I’m very careful not to drop it.

*I’ll make a separate review about this on my upcoming blog 😚

4. Serum

There’s a lot of serums I’ve tried. I have a lot with different focuses like for anti-aging, spot treatment or hydration. But if I were to recommend a serum that I personally keep on going back, its the Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum. I understand its hype because its like no other serums out there. Its a serum for MINIMALISTs. Its perfectly crafted to hydrate and absorb by the skin quickly without leaving any weight on top. It’s thin and just the right product if you don’t like thick ones.

I recommend this if you have oily or combination skin and you’re having a hard time to find a non-greasy moisturizer. I also like this when going to the gym or you’re on the go type of person. I remember putting this alone and it alone does the job. I also love using this when putting makeup. Its superb that any weather, it works.

5. Vitamin C

I’m obssessed with Vitamin Cs. They’re full of antioxidants fighting the different pollutants we face everyday like the sun and smoke. It brightens the skin and pigmented areas of the skin. It does a lot, in short I advice you to also consider grabbing one.

I made an individual review, you can check my previous blog about Klair’s Vitamin Drop. Not only it has vitamins but as well as centella which is known to minimize pimples. This is one of the products I started that made my skin stop producing pimples. I put dots of it on my pimple or my entire face and my pimple won’t continue. Its also effective for lightening acne scars.

6. Mask

I’m a lazy gal for masks. The best I could do is slather them once a week or maybe twice max. I personally prefer the mud ones because if I use face mask sheets all the time… its gonna be expensive.

I like sticking to the original volcanic clay mask, not the super volcanic or latter releases. This has gained awards for introducing these type of skincare to the market and usually the first guys who release most likely are the best.

I tried the super volcanic but it made my skin so dry and flaky. Good thing I only tried the sample. The Volcanic Pore Clay Mask I bought is so nourishing. I leave it on my face for 30 minutes and my skin feels so fresh, clean and bright after. I love the aftereffects! Have you experienced when your face feels so light and a strip of dirt were ripped from your face? Its like that. I usually use this when I want to pamper myself or a day before a special event.

*I’ll make a more in depth review about this guy as well

7. Overnight Mask/Night Cream

Night regimen demands extra care and nourishment to the skin. If you’ll also think about it, its the only time where your skin can act barely on its own without makeup or dirt. You need to seal all the goodness with a thicker formula. But its hard to find a lightweight last step creme/mask.

I chose Cosrx’s Rice Overnight Spa Mask. Its main component is rice which is good for brightening (not whitening) the skin while moisturizing throughly. Its light weight unlike other products and it absorbs quickly. Someone with sensitive/oily/acne prone skin shouldn’t worry since a lot with various skin type agreed this is one of the best out there.

Even though this is marketed to be an “Overnight” mask, this also works as a daily moisturizer specially if you want that extra hydration or you can put it on top of the highlight points of your face to achieve thay glass skin look.

8. Eye Cream

Never forget the eye cream. You don’t want wrinkly eyes showing as early as mid 20s. Some of us and I myself am guilty of neglecting my eyes. Coz we haven’t really seen YET the possibility of having wrinkles. But actually the eyes, forehead and the neck area are one of the earliest parts where signs of aging appears.

So what I do is I not only use Innisfree’s eye cream around my eyes but I extend it all the way up to my forehead and down to my smile lines. It is moisturizes my dry eye area and it helps lightening my eyebags. Not really sure about the wrinkle part coz I honestly haven’t used it that long. So maybe I could give you guys an update once I finish the whole bottle.

9. Sunscreen

Its a must to wear sunscreen and most of you forget about it. Wearing sunscreen is an early prevention step against wrinkles and spots. And the reason why I like Skinfood’s is because it is not like your typical sunscreens that is oily or just separates when you put your makeup on.

This sunscreen is for oily gals like me. From the packaging, “no sebum” it acts like a primers to prevent your skin from producing excessive oils but it is thin as if you’re not wearing anything on. Sometimes if I’m really on the go, i don’t use moisturizer anymore because this already hydrates the skin.

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