Begginer’s Guide: Everything you need to know about Vitamin C!

My curiosity over skin improvement and constant innovation in the beauty industry led me to research from one product to another knowing the importance of ingredients and its effectiveness. Like fashion, what seems to be intriguing is that the beauty industry also tried to reinvent what used to be trending before… just like the Vitamin C craze we have again. More and more people become knowledgeable how it could not just benefit internally (drinking Vit C pill/syrup or eating super foods) but also how it could change a person’s view about it thru a skincare.

I’ve been introduced to Vitamin C last 2016 due to the hype of Klair’s Vitamin C Serum. Since then, I’ve been trying some products and permanently added it to my skincare routine. I’ve seen result within the duration of using them and I’m still constantly experimenting on the mix and matches of the products that could maximize the effect of ingredients.

In today’s blog, I’ll try to consolidate the sources, benefits, effects and products containing it that you could try yourself.

Vitamin C on Skin Dictionary?

Since we are talking the about Vitamin C on its effect on skin, I’ll go straight ahead with it and skip the internal benefits of it to our health.

Vitamin C also known as Ascorbic Acid is really known for its BRIGHTENING effect. It reduces the production of melanin that’s why it is great for removing acne scars or acne marks. One of its main function is EXFOLIATION. By removing dead skin cells and making your skin much softer and smoother, it then helps the absorption of rate of the succeeding skincare steps.

Another thing it produces is Ceramide which is an excellent on strengthening the skin’s barriers. Itthe ANTIOXIDANT factor so its great on your skin has been damaged by the sun rays. So basically Vitamin C reduces inflammatory symptoms.


Other Forms of Vitamin C:

☆ Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate

☆ Ascorbyl Palmitate

☆Retinyl Ascorbate

☆ Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate

☆ Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate

☆ Ascorbyl Glucoside

Vitamin C Skincare Benefits:

☆ Antioxidant & Anti-aging Agent

*Promotes Collagen Production

☆ Protection from Sun and other external stressors

☆ Speeds up Skin Healing

☆ Brightens Skin Complexion

☆ Reduce Discolorations

☆ Improves Hydration and Moisture


Some products may require you to put it in a refrigerator or a shaded area to retains its form.

Since its good after sun care, mostly people use it at night time to help your skin rejuvenate. But some people suggests you use it at day time as well since it could protect your skin from the harsh pollutants. Just make sure to use sunscreen because using vitamin can cause your skin to be sensitive.


As much as its excellence, Vitamin C is very tricky at the same time. Keep in mind that all antioxidants, including Ascorbic Acid and its more stable variations, remain vulnerable, and will break down due to its sensitivity to sun rays and heat so you probably heard from others or if you read my review on Klair’s Vitamin Juice Drops how mine oxidized. It oxidizes, not just the color but the properties of the Vitamin C itself also deteriorates. Be cautious because when it oxidizes, it may irritate your skin rather than improving it.

How to use it?

Usually I use it right after exfoliation. For best results I apply it after an AHA product to fully achieve its effect and wait a couple of minutes for it to settle before I apply the next product.

Mostly, Vitamin C especially the ones with high dosage could sting depending on how your skin handles it. So make sure you know the sensitivity of your skin. If vitamin C is too strong for you, you could use as alternative the other forms I listed above.

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