Begginer’s Guide: 7 Skin Method for Glowing Skin

Well you thought Koreans are crazy with the “10 Step Korean Skincare Routine”. Guess what! Koreans took it again to another level. Again, they started this new craze called “7 Skin Method”. Yup! You heard me right. 7 layers of toner. Not 6, not 5, but 7!!!!!!!!

I’ve been really interested in this not so new but recent Korean skincare method that was all over the internet during the last quarter of 2017. I first saw it from Joan Kim’s Video with Glow Recipe. It is somewhat revolutionary for others and I’ll share my real thoughts about it.

Redefining Toner

Now. I’m here to redefine for some who are confused with the word toner. A lot see in a very outdated way that toners are those you used to remove remnants consisted mostly alcohol or astingent. But in today’s skincare dictionary, toners are so much more.

Toner, essence and skin are just the same. Koreans believe that after cleansing, you need to prep your skin making it soft, filling it with nutrients after cleansing and balance out your skin’s PH level with the right toner. Therefore, you’re having this ” new skin”.

The Korean Essence a.k.a “Skins” source credit: Althea Korea

So what is 7 Skin Method?

7 Skin Method or 7 Toner Method stays to its name. Meaning you literally pat 7 layers of skin/toner on your face.

It all originated not actually 2017, but the summer of 2016. Oily and combination skin type were struggling to moisturize and are afraid to try anything that is too thick because they’re afraid of the sebum production.

Korean are obsessed with hydration from the very start of the routine and this whole evolution of hydrating toners became an essential step now. I don’t think any Korean Beauty Blogger I know at least skipped toner/skin in their routine. It’s a must!

When I first heard about this 7 skin method, the first thing that came to mind mind was “wow, that’s a lot of product. Toners are expensive. Maybe companies invented it so that people will buy more toners.”

But as I read reviews. It is life changing to others. Well, I agree. I have oily-combination skin and it balanced out the oils in my skin making it hydrated and plump that I could go straight to makeup without worrying of the other steps.

How it Works?

Think about starving yourself to lose weight. Just depending on protein shake or very small amount of food. Then all of a sudden you just can’t take it anymore and you decided binge eat fatty foods you want. High chance, you’re going to go to bathroom right away and throwup everything or diarrhea. Your system is so disrupted and sensitive at that point and your body won’t be able to accept the food all at one. So you need to opt for more fluid like food with high in water content. Basically something that is easily digestible and then when the system is all back to normal. That’s when you could indulge with fried chicken, cheesecake, pizza, french fries, etc.

I gave a bit of an extreme example but to go straight to the point, dehydrated skin is somewhat like that. When you start layering toner which is easily penetratable . It’s actually going to absorb all those moisture and nutrients from it.

3 Things to Keep InMind!

1. Choosing the right toner:

✔ Choose a mild toner

✔ Choose a watery type

✖ Avoid Alcohol

✖ Avoid fragrance

2. Give some “Wait Time” in between the layers to make sure the product is fully absorbed into the skin. That’s when you could proceed to the next layer. Otherwise, the product will just slide around and it won’t penetrate successfully to your skin.

3.Lock all the goodness with a good moisturizer. You need to make a barrier to prevent from water lost. Your hard work will be nothing if you don’t seal it.


This is not for permanent use. This is a temporary fix. Once your skin is back to balance. You want to go back to your normal skincare routine. If you keep doing this, your skin might end up being vulnerable to the outside world. The acid mantle, if it gets soften, it won’t be able to do its job to be the barrier.

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