June Empties: Hits, Misses and to Repurchase

It’s been quite awhile since I have posted anything. I’ve been cleaning a lot for the past few months and as I gather all my stuff, I found a bunch of beauty products to declutter. You might be a little confused, some of these were finished or just been unused for ages and needed to be gone for good.

I’ve been actually planning to do an empties blog but I was so busy and I purposely bulked up the products so it won’t be done by small batches. I still have more but I’m currently using them up to it’s last drop so I might just add them up to my next empties blog. Also take note that I’ll only give short thoughts and not give a full length review but I’ll be linking previous blogs if I made one for a specified product.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a skincare or makeup professional. My blog content are mostly consisted of personal experience and constant research. What may work for me may not work for others and vice versa.Β 

Items ranges from face makeup to skincare to even body products. If you want more of these type of blogs, please let me know!



Let’s start with Skincare. Probably my favourite topic of all. I have a few of some serums, toner and creams.


❀️ Missha Time Revolution (The First Treatment Essence)

This is my “Ride or Die” Toner/Essence and I’ve been using this for more than 2 years now. I have a couple of these sample ones I finished before I purchased the full size bottle. To give you a summary, it’s a dupe for SKII’s very famous yet expensive toner. Its really good for all skin type and a must!

** I’ll be making a separate in depth review about this soon**

❀️ Innisfree Orchid Line

This line is probably one of the best Innisfree has created. This was actually known and for years many raved for its intensive hydrating properties especially if you have dry and aging skin. It also smells so good. I personally have oily-combination skin but on days my face got so flaky and dry, I enjoyed using these babies. And the eye cream works divine coz for me, eye cream should be thick and nourishing as this.

❀️ Innisfree Eco Science white C Line

I actually have the whole trial set but I can’t find the bottles anymore. This absolutely worked on me thought I haven’t see drastic results coz I have only used it for days. It’s not sticky and it absorbs quickly while providing enough hydration to my skin. I especially love the serum to be specific.

❀️ Dear Klairs Vitamin Juice Drops

If you are new to my blog and haven’t read my full review on this you can check it out. I have a love hate relationship with this one. It worked wonderfully on my skin. Actually, I think this is one of the products that cleared out my skin. But the problem is that, I haven’t used it up fully. Halfway, it already oxidised badly and you can see in the photos how it changed from clear or brown. That’s why If I repurchase this, I might just transfer it to brown container or just buy an alternative vitamin C.


πŸ’” Ricky’s Vanity Whitening Serum

I purchased this coz I remember it being hyped in Philippines but it didn’t do anything to my skin. It didn’t brighten and the moisture content is not enough to my needs. So that’s a no!

πŸ’” Cloud Blanc de Whitening

I also purchased this because the was overhyped all over Korean and Asian countries but for me… it was a gimmick! It was said to do so many promises to your skin especially lightening skin. Yes it lightens skin INSTANTLY coz the white cast it leaves makes you assume your skin lightened but when you wash your face it’s back to normal. Its more on a primer for me or a tinted skincare but never will pass my skincare standards.

πŸ’” Organi Manila Honey Peel

This is just expensive. It works like the Jericho Premium Pomegranate Peel which I’ve also made a review. These type of exfoliates are very satisfying. As an alternative, Skinfood has also their version with wine as its base and of course Japan’s famous Cure. I might just both those two knowing I’ll have the same result with less price.


Cushion Foundations

Ever since I’ve been introduced to the cushion phenomenon, I just wasn’t into foundations in jars anymore. So I buy cushions over and over again because of its convenience. I won’t individually give thoughts about these guys. I’ll just give my quick thoughts per brand.


❀️ Hera

Hera never disappointed me. I finished up the original cushion and the intensive moisture cushion and both gave me the dewy effect I want from my base makeup. Also, it felt like Hera’s cushions are consisted with legit good quality skincare not just foundation.

❀️ Sulwhasoo

Like Hera, though expensive this product wowed me. I actually reviewed 3 cushions of Sulwhasoo and have my stand which worked for me the best and what I recommend to certain skins. I’m not biased and picking this up because of its name. My skin looks radiant and more of a skincare than a makeup. And some may not favour, but the strong herbal scent turned out to be addictive.

❀️ Maybelline

It’s an okay product for me for everyday use if I want a light coverage and won’t need to stay out for too long. It’s not oily or too moist on me and it’s also cheap. I believe this is the first cushion foundation they released. So I want to try the Gigi Hadid Cushion as others say it is better.


πŸ’” Innisfree

I can rely on Innisfree when it comes to skincare but I’m not a fan of Innisfree makeup products. Always a fail on me. As much as I want to love their makeup products because they’re cheap,it’s just either to dry that makes my skin flake or too moist. I just don’t know now how good their products after reformulating.

πŸ’” Etude House

This is one of the first cushion released. I expected a lot coz I liked their BB creams but after using a lot of brands, it doesn’t seem to suite to my liking. It’s just ok.

πŸ’” The Faceshop

I got hooked with their promo, the buy cushion + 1 free refill for only a certain price. I thought I could replace my Hera and Sulwhasoos with these coz again I’m looking for a cheap alternative but it’s a waist. I tried the ‘Oil Control’ , ‘CC Intense Cover’, and even ‘CC Ultra Moist’ but nothing worked. The oil control like Innisfree made my skin flaky and showed more prominently my pores while the CCs slide off easily and you can literally feel how thick it sits on the face.


Liquid Makeup Base


❀️ Maybelline Fit Me

❀️ Maybelline Mineral Concealer

Maybelline surprises me with their products especially in the base makeup category. These two are my babies. I use them right after skincare and I even use them without foundation underneath. I love how they are thin in consistency and lightweight while giving the perfect amount of coverage. I don’t have a lot to cover up, I specifically use them for my under eye area, side of the nose and mouth to even put my complexion and give a bit of dimension.


πŸ’” Innisfree No Sebum BB Cream

I hate this. It’s one of the worst base makeup I had tried. I wasn’t even able to use half of it. Whatever kind of skincare I use underneath, same result appears. It’s so drying but probably because of the tea tree it contains. Also, it’s too light on my skin.

πŸ’” Revlon Colorstay Foundation

I remember hearing this everywhere. It worked for me a long time ago because my face back then was very oily. But as my face evolve and after trying so many good products or maybe I just got used to cushion products, I am not used to using pure foundation. This made my skin dry even after intensive skincare products.


Body Essentials


β™₯️ Crabtree and Evelyn Rich Body Creme

I cannot explain the scent but I just love to slather this all over especially at night. It’s thick but my body absorbs it well and the fragrance stays long.

β™₯️ Chanel Chance (Pink)

My sister actually used this mostly. It’s her signature and only fragrance. I just used it all up until it’s last drop and I like it. It smells good but it’s not my kind of fragrant as I prefer warm, sweet, fruity, and floral type. This one is fresh, light, fruity and floral. It’s probably the best of all the Chanel Chance I’ve tried and I always have this belief that whenever there are choices in a line, the pinks are the best.


Other Face Makeup Products


β™₯️ Innisfree Eyebrow Pen

This is my ride or die brow pencil. It’s has retractable slanted pen and a spooly on the other which is very convenient. It stays on my face the whole day and it applies very smooth. It’s one of the creamiest yet solid eyebrow pencil that is not chalky and gives the perfect amount of pigmentation. I used this for more than 1 year coz its so pigmented, you just need a little and just spread it with the spooly brush. I actually use this as well as an eyeliner.

β™₯️ Maybelline Hypersharp Eyeliner

I am in love with Maybelline eyeliners. They are cheap and so effective. It took me forever to finish this one and it doesn’t dry out easily. I highly recommend this if you’re looking for a drugstore liquid eyeliner.


πŸ’” Max Factor Lip Marker

My obsession with lip marker’s packaging has gone overboard as it is convenient and mostly they stay long coz they are tints/stains. The only problem is that some dry out fast like this one. The color is perfect because I’ve always like this kind of berry tone but unfortunately, the pen itself started to flake out after a couple of months and the parts of the pen itself happens to come with liquid when I glide it to my lips. It’s not yet finished but I need to throw this away. Even the packaging started to wash of already.

πŸ’” Catrice Liquid Highlighter Pen

Again, I bought this because of packaging. I will buy anything that comes in this form but the product itself was a disappointment. It only took me a few uses and the products solidified and won’t just come out anymore. Either it’s really dry or empty already. What a shame. The color itself was perfect. Also, it’s not as visible. Its really sheer so I don’t know if someone could notice it on my face.


Thank you for always reading!

I hope you enjoyed my June Empties blog and I hope this could set as a guide on things to buy and not to buy!

Til my next blog! ❀

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