$6 DIY Brazilian Blowout Review

Ever been in a salon and your hairstylist will touch your hair and say…

“Girl, your hair is dry! You need hair treatment fast!”

Yes, I also experience that and even if I try to use hair conditioner every single day, it’s not enough. Every now and then you need to treat your hair like your skin. It needs some good hydration to rebuild itself.

Disclaimer: it’s still always best to consult your personal, professional hairdresser as they know more about this field and your hair condition. I’m only here to give my thoughts about my experience with this certain product. This is not sponsored and I bought this with my own money.

I personally love my hair straight even if people already consider my hair “Almost” straight. I’m always afraid to have it rebonded knowing the possibility of ruining my hair entirely and I just don’t like it flat-flat. I had experienced several years before having my hair rebonded and you need a lot of effort and patience. It demanded for me to sit and just wait for the process a total of 6 hours. And I need to endure the not so good smelling hair treatment for 2 days before I wash it. The longterm effect was pretty awesome because it worn out a little and I personally enjoy just the ends straight while my roots grows my natural hair. But to be honest, i didn’t like much what it looked like when I first got it, my face looked big and my hair is just so flat and I can’t tie it for a couple of months.

So, 3 years or more I’ve been hearing this “Brazilian Blowout” everywhere. How it acts like a Keratin while making your hair natural-looking straight and non-damaging. We all want something like that. I’ve been trying to go to salons but they’re expensive with worth 3,000 PHP or more on highly renowned salons. Some local salons have it for 1,000 PHP but I don’t seem to trust much. There’s always something stopping me to get one and then one day, I saw the trend of DYI Brazilian Blowout and I finally had the courage to try it.

The thing is, its ways cheaper and I can control it. Just think about it, YOU GO TO SALONS FOR SERVICE. IF YOU CAN DO IT YOURSELF, WHY NOT? Just buy the products. Of course I researched on it a lot before trying. My hair is at stake and I don’t want it damaged and what not. I won’t to do something dangerous if I know I can’t do it. I am just a normal mom wanting a good looking hair. I’m not a hair professional so its still not advisable to do everything DIY.

I chose Dibeie Salon Professional as my try-on product. It comes in 3 bottles with numbering.


The product came in three separate bottles. I don’t really mind them much because it’s not like makeup I need to carry in my pouch or will everyday. I like the fact that it is color coded with clear labels so I won’t be lost. The content is 120 mL per bottle which is quite good for its price. I personally think, it could last me a couple of uses to finish up.


They have a clear instruction how you will use each products and it’s duration so I didn’t have a hard to follow them.


I got it from Shopee for only 330 PHP with free shipping since I also got some oils and hair clips with a total of more than 500 PHP.

I made a decision to try this DIY product since I have no time except when my baby is sleeping. Also, the price at salons ranges from 1,000 PHP (small time provincial salon) up to 3,000 PHP (highly known salons) or more. It was a little high for my perspective knowing I pay there just for their service not the product itself and I found out that some uses the same kind of products.


I’m not really aware of other Brazilian Blowout Hair products since it’s my first. The Clarifying Shampoo for me is a little too drying which is understandable since the hair needs to draw it’s excess moisture and oils so that the next step could sip through easily.

The Keratin Blowout was strong. It’s tinged my eyes like rebounding chemicals but not as strong and not as smelly. It was a disappointment for me coz some people who did Brazilian Blowouts and reviewers with the same product said, it won’t sting like other chemicals, but it did… It took me 3 days as per the instructions. I also used a flat iron to my hair after the specified period so my hair was straight the whole time I didn’t shampoo and all.

And finally! After using the Conditioner, I finally saw the full result. My hair is so much flat but not super flat unlike rebonding. Again, the results depends on how frizzy or wavy your hair is. The smell of the conditioner compensate the chemical smell I endure for 3 days.

Final Thoughts

After a month of my experience with this product, I stay firm with my 1st impression. I love the way my hair is less frizzy and wavy. The ends of my hair are still not on fly away.

If you’re in a budget, I definitely would recommend this to you guys for a try! I am now a believer and would continually use this at least every 2 months to maintain my hair’s nourishment and straightness.

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