“Oh! You’re a single mom.”

“I admire single moms like you!”

“It must have been hard for you.”

“Oh, that woman is like your daughter… a single mom!”

This blog is all about showing my perspective, how one comment can scar so much. How this world is just so cruel with negativity and judgements and sometimes being silent is not enough neither saying anything. It made made me question? What else you should do to make it stop? Nothing. Just nothing… I can’t change people and I can’t make them stop even if I write this. But I want you to know how I feel. What’s going on. I am writing this solely to release all the tension I have inside.

I get those above a lot! I’m not gonna mention anymore offensive and nasty judgements coming from men. Those men who think and say I’m easy for being pregnant and being left by my guy. You know, I’m just tired of smiling and saying no I’m not. Justifying my REAL status, why it’s like this.

I am overly sensitive and I’m just trying to hide all the pain a person can say about me, my relationship and my kid. No offense to single moms. And I’m not saying being a single mom is bad or disheartening. It’s just hard for me to take especially when I know it’s not true.

I said I would never want to open about this but it came to the point, it’s just too much. I am hurt. Pretty much with all the judgements. I won’t be like this if it’ll be coming from just a couple of people but even those who know me so much just made it everything worse. All the pities, all the words that I made a mistake and Stella is a product of mistake just breaks me so much.

My Fiancé and I already talked about his multiple times even when we first found out about my pregnancy. He knows how I felt and dislike to be called a “single mother”. That all my life, I have set how my family will be. But I guess plans don’t always happen. I am not blaming him for this. The situations is just really bad. And maybe things will get better someday. I am always hopeful that it’s just a bad part that will someday will be worth it.

I know, I’ve pretty much took care of Stella 100% and he hasn’t been around 90% of the time. But we are still together. We fight and pretty much get hurt but we’re trying to make things work. I’m trying to stay strong for our family. To stay still and wait for him. People might be saying I’m waiting forever and I should just give up and move on. But none of you knows anything. Even one person doesn’t know anything about it.

I love him and I know how much he loves me… but right now is a mess

I decided and he wants our relationship to be on private. To avoid the worst and to protect one another especially our little girl. It’s difficult. And sorry if I can’t be specific. It’s just not the right time.

He never left us and trying his best to stay sane. He has been supporting us ever since. We have a house all the baby stuff and house stuff which he bought for us. Trying to give the best all the time…Nobody wants him to be away. He even doesn’t want to be away. But he really has no choice.

If you’re intentions are coming from a good place. Thank you for the concerns. But if you will just say something that will just put me down more, please… So for all the people who kept saying bad stuff about him, about me and my family. Just stop. Know how to respect other people’s personal life and know your boundaries. You don’t know anything. It’s already difficult for me and I’m trying to be ok and I’m gonna be better soon.

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