Carizma Tinted Matte Lip Balm Review

My search for lip products will never end. I know established brands will never stop innovating and more new comers are entreating the game. I am just so happy the beauty industry in Philippines are stepping up. Setting high standards while still considering consumers’ buying power.

And today, I am excited with my product review coz this one is so raved and used mostly by the ‘tipid’ or budget-strict buddies. I love reviewing products that are greatly used by the people around me coz I get to share more if it is really worth the rave. Also, I discovered that people on strict budget can’t relate on some of my reviews since not all are willing to spend on such.


A multifunctional lip balm that is formulated to look like a pigmented matte lipstick, not causing to dry the lips.


There are 5 shades and I just decided to get Shades 2 & 3 since these two appealed to my liking the most and those shades are very unique.


Upon application, it felt a little dry and wasn’t totally smooth to apply but I must say that color pay off was really on point. It stayed thru making it seem like you wear a matte lipstick but it doesn’t feel dry. It also didn’t chapped my lips. The He only downside of it is that again, the application is really hard. If you’re aiming for a clean full lip look, you need a lip pencil or a lipstick brush and prolly some concealer.


it’s quite good for a lipstick knowing it’s not like liquid matte ones and it is categorized as a lip balm. It smudges but it’s acceptable.


it wasn’t hard to remove since it’s formula is like a dry lipstick. I just need to swipe with a tissue or face tissue and it’s gone.


I’m inlove with the shades and I love that it is multifunctional although I cannot fake it, it smudges on me. It’s a positive and a negative thing. Maybe I’m just not used to it coz I’m really a lip tint gal. But definitely will use this for my cheeks and eyes and maybe if I’m gonna do a gradient look.👌🏻

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