#MYBYBEL : The Story Behind the Name

It has been a busy August for me and I’ve been away from you guys quite long but I wish not long enough for some to unfollow me. I’m really sorry for that and I promise to post at least once a week.

Anyway, I never told the story behind #MYBYEL and I get so many question why this name, why not name it with just my name, ETC. Even a lot mispronounce and got weirded out with my choice and that led me on making Blog.

I know upon deciding on making this my official brand name, that there’ll be a time where I need to explain. But I am always so excited to tell my story. And here I am now.

I started writing for more than a year already after giving birth. And Choosing a name was never an easy thing to do. I kept on changing since I never get contented with the old ones. My main content was usually consists of anything from Skincare to Makeup but then I thought I don’t want to restrict myself with just making all beauty content. As you knows, I also love sharing my motherhood and fitness experience here and hopefully some good OOTDs. And that’s why I didn’t use “skin”, “face”, “beauty” or anything beauty related word.

If you follow me on Instagram, you must be updated that I started separating all my personal content from beauty content so things will be a lot organised and people will be focused on specific contents they want to see. But this blog has everything from my personal thoughts, to products reviews and even my mama struggles. So basically this is my journal, which is what blogs are supposed to be. An online journal to share.

So I was like, hmmm… I want the thought of “Diary” or “Journal” but I want it to be unique and include my name. Then why not make mashup of words.


My Bible = MyByBel

“The Bible of Bel”

It’s weird but if you’ll think of it, it works!

My name is not MYBYBEL, just BEL but I brand myself as MYBYBEL ❤

I hope this set things straight. Til next time!

(Please let me know if you have specific content requests, I’ll be happy to make one for you)

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