Sundays Beauty Lip Tint Review

“Gandang LIP TINT + PULBO!”

The makeup trend millennials are living up as of the moment and my lifetime beauty trend that will never be worn out.

I am the type of person who always want to look minimal and natural. And talking about minimalism, I always think it’s a must to have a good lip tint to carry around. From personal basis, it always saves up any look I need to pull out, with or without makeup. And it’s always satisfying to have a product that doesn’t only has a good packaging but a good and effective product.

Minimalism also has greatly attributed to my choice of makeup that’s why I mostly opt to Korean and Japanese products. Not because of the crab mentality but because they don’t overdo their makeup, they always aim to enhance beauty by coming up products that are innovative and fresh lookin’. But lately, Filipino brands have been catching up and adapting to the market by doing a lot of research and benchmarking. Yey Pinoys!

By the way, my 10 years or more experience with multiple products made me very picky and meticulous from the packaging to the quality of formula itself. I barely get impressed and be drawn to a product unless there’s something unique about it. But today, I want to share my honest review on a brand and it’s product. I was so excited to share this since I got them and I hope this blog serves justice.

Enough with the chitchat!


(Information from Sundays Team)

“Sunday is that one day of the week which is always filled with leisure activities and beautiful memories. It is when we have the time to pamper ourselves and look our best.

Sundays is a homegrown all-natural beauty brand that is exactly inspired by that. We aim to do the work for you so that you can feel and look your Sunday’s best all day, everyday.

Each of our products is carefully curated and designed taking into consideration the choices, needs and style of the chic and modern woman.

Our founder is super obsessed with makeup and have long dreamt of creating her own line. She stayed in Japan for 3 years where she learned more about makeup by research and just trying products out.

So through Sundays, she is able to support the local industry by using homegrown materials and at the same time, infusing in a bit of her learnings in Japan the makeup Sundays sells locally.

We are a small team who loves Sundays (and makeup) too! It’s always eventful, so it’s sweet to reminisce about the Sundays we spent as little girls and at the same time, hopeful for the future Sunday memories we’ll make with our own girls (and/or boys). Hence, the brand”

PROMISE NOTE: I’ll be making a separate blog on my transaction experience with the team/company


✔️ Amazing pigmentation

✔️ Long-lasting and non-drying formula

✔️Beautiful shade range

✔️Super posh packaging

✔️ Affordable pricing

As of the moment, the brand is only 1 month and only carries lip tints. But as per conversation, Sundays are building up more product range. 😀

I am going to give my honest rating on each category with a ♥️ making 5 as the highest and 1 as the lowest.

PRICE: ♥️♥️♥️♥️

It retails 199 PHP but Sundays gives discount codes. I personally asked them if I could still avail the 10% off since the discount period is already finish and they’re so nice to extend it for me. For a lip tint it is a little pricey but because of the packaging and all the efforts making it pretty, it is reasonable. It is actually good for giving as a gift!

PACKAGING: ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

As you can see, they never missed a spot. Everything is clear from directions to their logo and ingredients. Their shades are written both at the box and product itself making it so easy for consumers to know everything without searching the internet or asking. It’s a big deal for me and I’m glad they aced it.

The first time I saw Sundays IG Post, I thought it was Fenty Beauty but it’s not. And when I found out it’s that good of a packaging but a lip tint inside, I need to get one! Yes, it’s my packaging obsession that really lead me on having this. There’s no doubt, they have the best packaging. And you’ll know that they really put into thoughts the looks of it.

When I received it, it came in this resealable snap container and each lip products come in this oh so trendy boxes. You will go OMg when you see it because it’s that good. First of all, they make sure to amp up the customer relationship by sneaking in a personalised handwritten letter (it felt so special).

And if we’re going to talk about branding and from its logo, to its color even the lettering… it’s slaying! Everything is so clean and sleek as if it was really not a local brand. The case itself suits the logo and gold reflective details and cap. Gold for me is always a classic classic! They didn’t go wrong with choosing it. It’s the type of packaging that will forever be in trend. I feel so “SOSYAL” holding the box and the product itself.

It has quite a weight and it’s a little bulky but I really don’t mind at all. The only thing I want to pinpoint for improvement is the logo. Coz I just had mine for a week or less but the logo started to rub off. I feel so bad coz I really like everything the packaging.

SHADES: ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

I’m giving it a 5 coz I love the shade range. It’s is enough for every skin color to choose from and it suits either warm or cool toned skin. I appreciated that Sundays made an orange (Cressida), pink (Halley), magenta (Mira), apple red (Astrid), and blood red (Aorora) because most of the brands just have red, orange and pink with no variation or change in depth of tone.

I didn’t get to know the background of the shade names but it sure is appealing. Out of 5 I only tried Cressida, Astrid and Mira since I have so many dark reds already and baby pink is not my thing and of the bunch, my favourite is Mira. I always love pinkish-plum and they nailed it! Only a few brands like Sundays and Etude House get this kind of pink tone I look for. Something natural and lip blushing like. I’m so happy!


It comes in a normal doe foot applicator. The formula is watery with a little bit of viscosity. It reminds me of the Faceshop’s Watery Tint in between of Etude House Dear Darling Tints. It disperse quickly on my lips because it’s light in form and to be honest, I prefer it a little thicker coz watery tints tend to automatically go to my teeth. Maybe that’s why they recommend to just dab it and put in small amounts. I just have a little issue that I always get from watery tints, they cling on to the inner part of my lips that’s why I always prefer something more thicker in form. I don’t know if it’s because my lips are dry so I suggest to exfoliate and moisturize your lips first before application of the product.

For the cheeks, I usually just put it on first on my fingers before spreading it out not just to be hygienic but so that I was able to control the amount and won’t have that dot mark on my face.

PIGMENTATION: ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

It’s not over-the-top pigmented that you’ll go scared with just one dot but it is just enough. The pigmentation amount is distributed evenly so that users like me can control it and it won’t shockingly be too much and scary.


I tried the swatches on my arms and lips and wore it the whole day. For what I remember I have it on since 10 AM and took this photo past 9 PM already. The stain was pretty impressive but I solely believe it still depends on how many layers you out on. As for me, I have a habit of biting my lips so I always retouch through out the day. That’s why it doesn’t really matter if it’s stayed 8 hours or more coz I think most of us do retouches right?


I live for this product. It’s now my go to lip tint and the shades just suits me. It has not yet exceeded my love of Pony Effect Lip Tint and the famous Dear Darling Etude House but it is one of my favourites now. This is worth giving a try plus it just makes me so fancy! For a local brand, it sure is a wow and something I’m proud of bragging. I can definitely level it up with foreign brands ♥️


I don’t have anything much to recommend, maybe just the print of the logo on the packaging and the consistency of the product. I think it would be better if it’s a little thick like gel type of tint but overall nothing to change.

If I’m gonna suggest something for the company, maybe I’m gonna touchdown on the idea of cream blushes/lip tint in pots or another variety of lip tint with a velvety finish. Also I think it’s such a great idea since it’s almost holidays, to come up with a limited or deluxe edition. Maybe doing something like mini versions of the lip tints (travel size) and putting them in one box (benchmarking Colourpop) so that people could try them before getting the full size. 😄

I’m so excited to see this company grow and I hope Sundays will have more products to cater! ♥️

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