Clinique Sun Rescue Balm with Aloe Review

Our skin time to time manufactures Vitamin D from sunlight. However, too much of it can be detrimental.

For a country who experience only two seasons and mostly hot-sunny weather, it won’t be enough to just rely on a sunscreen. If you want to extra save your skin, an after sun routine is a must!

I know not everyone are still aware of the damages of the sun could do to the skin. I remember myself always thinking sun just causes SUNBURNS & TANNED SKIN so I never mind being under the sun too much before. But when I started to be knowledgeable, I always make sure to take care of my skin before and after. As I always say, sun rays doesn’t only appear at direct sunlight it also goes thru the screen, glass or even the sheer curtains of the windows. It’s inevitable! And with the global warming, you cannot predict the sun’s presence.

I’m trying to make this review concise so I’m not gonna go straight to it😀


  • Slows Collagen Production
  • Sunburn
  • Uneven Melanin Production
  • Skin Cancer

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This ultra-moisturizing balm with soothing aloe calms sun-exposed skin while providing a post-sun repair to help prevent today’s sun exposure from becoming tomorrow’s visible damage. Suitable for both the face and the body, this oil-free formula helps minimize peeling, too.

How to use: Apply liberally to clean, dry skin following any sun exposure. It can be used more than once a day.

– 5 oz.

– 100% fragrance-free.

– Allergy tested.

– Nonacnegenic.


My baby and I loves swimming so much. Last time I was in hurry and just flustered coz my trusted Aloe Gel is missing. Then I remember this on my hubby’s stash. It says ALOE so why not!

Coz I didn’t have enough time with the baby crying, I forgot all my after swim skincare (how frustrating). Luckily this guy is in my bag. After taking a bath I just wore this on my face and my baby’s including her body and of course I loved it!


It’s light blue in color and is quite thick . But no worries because after spreading, the color disappears leaving the skin super nourished and calmed. It even has a cooling effect. Yay! It is super light and the skin absorbs it fast, not like other lotions or moisturisers that leave a tacky feeling and puts weight on the skin. It also gives that healthy glow I always look for.


There’s a hint of scent but nothing too strong for my liking. The scent is something familiar I can’t pinpoint but I know for sure this is the scent I get from cooling products. Clinique always claim they are fragrance free but I’m smelling something but I guess it’s a natural scent coming from the ingredients.


For extreme experiences, this lotion cools the burn and any itching. Plus it helps to reduce the peeling. But I still use it even without burns as long as I know I’ve stayed too much the sun not just because of swimming but even by just driving or walking under the sun’s presence.

And it’s a plus points that it didn’t irritate Stella knowing it’s not really for babies and it’s not stick or heavy.


I give my full approval to this product! Not just because it’s Clinique but because it is a product that works and can be completely tolerated by my baby’s skin. I really don’t have much products or even know any that is solely made for after sun use. Oh, but if you know any that you personally love. Please let me know 😊 I’ll be happy to try them out but as of now, this is my baby love!

That’s all and I’m always thankful for all of you who kept of reading my blogs even the most random or randomness. See you next time! 😘

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