One Brand Review | Heimish x SUISUIPH

Hello guys! I’m here for another review but this is a lot different from my usual coz I won’t be reviewing 1 and not even 2… but 4 products all from one brand. And yes, they’re all Heimish!

Heimish has been on my “Bucket List” Brands that I’ve been dying to try. It was raved by a lot of bloggers and YouTubers including Joan Kim and Jenny Kim. With that, Heimish established their name not just in the Kbeauty Industry but the entire market.

I personally and for what I believe, others also have know Heimish because of its famous All Clean Balm. Since then I have been a fan but I haven’t got the chance to buy it. Luckily I got the opportunity to be one of the reviewers of the Heimish Try Me Box from SUISUI’s event. It was such a huge thing for me since it was also the very first time I won a Try Me Event.

So hear I am, giving my all honest review for you guys to set as a guide. And I’ve been appreciating all of you who have been trusting my reviews and thoughts on a lot of skincare and makeup related reviews.

I have four products hear and I’ll be discussing them starting from cleanser all the way to the moisturiser/makeup base. So without any further ado… let’s get into ’em!

DISCLAIMER: I am not a skin specialist and it’s always best to know your skin first. Please consult your personal dermatologist before trying different products especially when you have extreme skin concerns. I am only here to give my thoughts on products that worked or didn’t work on me. I am basing all of my facts from pure experience and researches.

〰️ You can check SUISUI at:


1 | Heimish All Clean white Clay Foam

I am a foam cleanser all thru out. I’ve tried so many cleansers from bars to gels but foams are just the perfect match for my skin. Although people say a cleanser is a cleanser, not everything I tried worked for me. I am not really picky when it comes to brands as long as they do their job at cleaning my face and removing excess sebum without stripping the moisture. I’m saying this coz I have experienced foams that made my skin literally squeaky. I can literally hear the scratch feeling after washing so when I find a good cleanser stick to it. And I’m so glad coz I’m looking for a long term cleanser and just my luck @suisuiph sent this along with the other Heimish products.

Me and my fellow reviewers received this in small sachets (15 pcs.) and I personally liked it coz I can bring it anywhere. 1 sachet can be used up to 2x depending on how much you need it.


• refresh & revitalises skin

• removes toxins

• Paraben-free & Hypoallergenic

• for all skin types

Featured Ingredients

• Kaolin (Amazon White Clay)

• Hyaluronic Acid

• Coconut oil

• Citrus-Herb Oil

〰️ Kaolin purifies deeply into skin by removing dirt & oils trapped in the pores while coconut and hyaluronic acid maintains and adds up moisture. And the herbs gives this refreshing, cooling feeling.

How to Use

Apply an adequate amount onto hands and work into a luxurious lather. Then gently massage onto wet face using circular motions. After thoroughly cleansing your face, wash off with cool water. Use morning and night.

〰️HOW I USE IT: I use it every morning and evening. When I wear makeup, I use this after my balm/cold cream.


I’m obsessed with scents Heimish include in their products. And the smell of this one is so refreshing— citric, herbal vibe like the Heimish Refresh Water. Which I have said my adoration.


It is not that easy to dispense due to its thick formula and mostly because it’s made out of clay. Though it is very workable and softens easily as I blend it with water. It is very creamy and just satisfying to



Heimish has established its reputation from its “All Clean Balm” and this foam from its same line lived up to my expectations. I’m an oily gal so I totally have no problems with using this everyday but I must say it won’t be that recommendable to use everyday for people who have dry skin as the foam cleansers in general strips out oils and mostly clay based products tend to be a little drying.


2 | Heimish Refresh Water


• clears all remaining dirt and old keratin from the skin

• boosts the effectiveness of other skincare products applied subsequently. • The mild enzyme extracted from soybeans works with AHA & BHA for max skin exfoliation and moisturization.

• has 20 active natural ingredients that amazingly soothe and balance facial skin while providing it with moisture.

How to Use

After cleansing, soak a cotton pad with the toner. Gently swipe across skin using upward motions. Follow with the rest of your routine.

**Ingredients Review

It contains 20 natural ingredients but I want to pinpoint the AHA & BHA derived from the soybean extract. These ingredients mostly scares people especially when discovered in a daily product but to be honest, it really depends on the percentage. And this product on me is mild enough to exfoliate while still staying thru to its name “FRESH”, making my skin still moisturized. It’s just a matter of not overusing and over doing it.


I’m obsessed. As I mentioned before, I am a fan of anything herbal smelling products and this is just ♥️. It’s not overpowering and I totally don’t have any problems with it. It adds up with the FRESH feeling.



I’ve been trying this products for 2 weeks straight already and have been using it after washing my face. But on most lazy days, I love using this after workout due to the refreshing feel before essence and creams. I use it with a pad to wipe away dirt, excess sebum & old keratin from the skin. I use this before my essence as this claims to boost the effectiveness of succeeding skincare products.

It is somehow comparable to Son & Parks Beauty Water because of its function. I am an oily gal and this type of products are the perfect match to my skin to remove excess unnecessary dirt and oils while also prepping and making a smooth canvass before applying hydrating products like essence. Thought I must say, on me it is not drying or tightening. It still retains necessary moisture in my skin. So far I like this and I’m still looking forward for long term effects.


3 | Heimish Hydrogel Eye Patch Bulgarian Rose Water

Eye area is the most troublesome for me and I’m pretty scared that I’ve been seeing fine lines already even tho I’m just 24 😭. So I am eager to find the best products to improve that area and be wrinkle-free!


• Intensive wrinkle care

• No harmful Ingredients. Eco-friendly 100% water-soluble hydro-gel patch

• Can be applied not only under your eyes but other place on your face when you feel it’s needed

• Good adherence and higher essence absorption

• Moisturizing, vitality, elasticity, soothing

How to Use

• Use after cleansing and skincare routine

• Put on areas where moisture and hydration needs attention.

• After about 20-30 minutes, remove the patch and gently pat the remaining essence into the skin.


*** Besides from using it as an eye patch, I also put it on areas like my forehead and cheeks (you can put it anywhere you like) and I just leave it on as if I’m wearing a sheet mask.

*** Another way to preserve the juices left is to put the remaining liquid in a bottle and mix it with your other skincare essence or just water to make a solution of your own. You can use it as an essence or a mist 😊

*** I keep it in the fridge to help me swell down my eyes.


The overall packaging is 👌🏻! It is very simple yet sophisticated and I like the fact that they included a spatula for hygiene purposes.


It speaks to its name. It smells totally sweet & floral but not overly strong. I like that they didn’t overly put scent to it coz too much fragrance can irritate the skin knowing it’s main purpose is for the eyes.

Actual Patch

It is somewhat in a gummy thin form that sparkles✨. I was so mesmerised the first time I saw it. Though it’s a little bit sticky so it was a little hard to detach individually. Though I also have a little problem coz sometimes it slides… one thing I know it’s already down my cheeks. So I guess I need to stay still when using it.


I suffer a lot from swelling and I have also been so concerned lately with the wrinkles appearing at the sides. So the question is…


For my swollen eyes it worked! I keep it in the fridge so the added cooling effect did the trick. As for the wrinkles, I have used it for only a months and I saw the decrease of its appearance. My wrinkles mostly appears even when I’m just talking but now it appears when I smile too much 😂 As for the Brightening, I can’t attest since I don’t have dark bags to start with.



It’s my first time to encounter any eye patch so this is my benchmark! I deforest will repurchase again once I finish all this up cause I totally believe this is worth buying for. I enjoyed it entirely and just love including it on my pamper days. It also feels so luxurious 💖

4 | Heimish Aqua Tone Up Cream

A skincare and makeup product in one, the Heimish Aqua Tone-Up Cream lightweight and non-sticky cream that hydrates the skin while giving it a bright, healthy glow. Perfect for all skin types, especially combination to oily skin, it can be used as a moisturizer, a CC cream due to its tone-up effect, and as a hydrating primer for smooth makeup application.


  • Brightens and nourishes (multi-function)
  • Hydration with a light finish
  • Moist texture spreads thinly and easily for a smooth application
  • White-based natural tone up can be used for all skin types and genders
  • Dewy, water-based glow
  • Adheres well to the skin with minimal transfer
  • Has skin care capabilities and can be used in the place of a regular moisturizer.
  • Can extend makeup wear if used as a base.
  • Can be used at night as brightening care/moisturizer.

Volume: 40 ml

How to Use

At the last step of your routine, apply enough amount of the Heimish Aqua Tone-Up Cream onto face, then pat gently until the cream is fully absorbed.

〰️ HOW I USE IT: I use it as my last skincare product even w/ just using toner & spf since it already acts as a moisturizer. Personally I wear it as its own and it’s good even w/o a foundation on top


It absorbs well into the skin while leaving a very light and w/o a sticky layer on top of the skin w/c surprised me. It melts like soothing gels in a creamier version. I have tried it under 2 extreme weathers — hot & cold so I can attest even with my oily skin, it does work.

🌨I have used this since my trip to Korea 3 weeks ago and so I have tested using it up to 15+ hours under chill weather and full packed day.

〰️It stayed on my face very well and my face produced a lot of oils but it blended well w/o being cakey. It made me look I have glowing skin.

🌤 1 week used under extreme hot weather

〰️ wear it alone with just a little help of concealer and the same as my Korea days, it felt very light on me that even if I sweat, it doesn’t melt looking eww with white clumps.



I’ve seen a huge difference using it. My skin obviously looked lighter instantly and it make my cushion foundation last longer. Though as what I mention, a lot of days I just wear this alone as base w/ my concealer. It’s the best and most compatible to my oily skin.


Overall, my expectations toward Heimish’s products and generally as brand didn’t change. I like and even love the products I tried. So far, I never had an issue and I think I will stick with them as my long term skincare products and would recommend to whomever people just starting their skincare journey.

That’s all and I hope I somehow helped you thru my blog. Til next time! ♥️

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