ALIVE:LAB Multi Ice [Review]

Living in a country where Summer is like the only season for the entire year, finding the right skincare is hard. Mostly, people suffer with having an oily, acne-prone and sun damaged skin. That’s why a lot of foreign brands/products doesn’t work well due to the weather.

My skin like most others have the same concern. It demands products that are light weight yet hydrating. Having that said, finding new products that are targeted to this kind of concerns always delight me.

Today, I’ll be introducing to you one Korean brand that made things possible. ALIVE:LAB has been lately popping up on social media and my curiosity led me to try this line. And I’m so glad that they sent me these products. They actually asked me what products I am interested at and this line just caught my attention. Just seeing the name and reading a few of its description made me sure that this will suit my skin.

*This was PR gifted in exchange of an honest review. All thoughts are mine and based on my experience.


Soothing and Cooling Treatment for Troubled Skin

  • Redness caused by acne/sun
  • Canadian glacial water calms redenned skin and prevent acnes
  • Hydrating, Moisturising and Revitalising
    • Galactomises keeps dehydrated and dry skin supple
      Strengthens the skin barrier
    • Reverses Alkaline skin back to low PH for maximum comfort


    Canadian Glacial Water

    The glacial water is pure water filtered by sediments as natural filters. It is enriched with minerals and has a high oxygen content.


    A very effective skin-restoring ingredient that offers multiple benefits for aging skin. Among these benefits is the ability to visibly improve the appearance of enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, fine lines, dullness, and a weakened skin surface. Niacinamide can also mitigate the damage environmental attack can cause, and is stable in the presence of heat and light.

    Best for: All Skin Type

    Highly recommended to oily, dehydrated, sun damaged and acne-prone skin

    ALIVE:LAB Multi Ice Water

    How to Use:

    After cleansing, apply over the face with either a cotton or by tapping with your hands. For better absorption, press your face with your hands.



    I adore the packaging so much! It’s super cute and stands to its name. So far I have no problems dispensing the product with this one.

    How I Use It

    I use this right after cleansing. I first wipe my face with a Colton pad with this and then I tap 3 layers of this afterwards.


    It is very watery which is totally a thumbs up! Mostly toners with this form, something not viscous, absorbs a lot faster and are more suitable with people having oily skin. With this said, you can also use this for “7 Skin Method”.


    It does its job on prepping up my skin and hydrating it making it supple. I love using this whenever I’m having skin irritation and just having a long day under the sun with the other products of the line.

    ALIVE:LAB Multi Ice Milk [.2 kg]

    How to Use:

    After toning, apply a desirable amount on your face. Gently pat onto skin for better absorption.


    How I Use It

    I use it right after my active serum and just put a decent amount onto my face.


    It has the same packaging with the toner but I find it really hard to dispense. The hole is too small and it’s not working due to its thicker formula. I usually prefer pumps with lotion/emulsion type products


    It is very light weight and fast absorbing to the skin as what I expected. It is not sticky or anything oily. Perfect even as the final skincare for daytime.


    I genuinely felt that all of the 3 products work together. They definitely calms down my skin. I didn’t have any skin irritation and my skin amps up hydration and moisture by using this after the toner.

    ALIVE:LAB Multi Ice Cream [.23 kg]

    How to Use:

    Apply as last step of skincare

    *Can be mixed with other active ingredients (Centella/Vitamin C Powders)


    How I use

    I sometimes use this alone during my lazy days. I started to ditch my all-time fav aloe soothing gels because of this. I don’t own active ingredients in powder forms so I haven’t really tried mixing it yet with other products. I also want to add that I prefer using this during day time as I prefer thicker creams with anti aging based ingredients during night time.


    This is the cream of the line but it’s more on a gel version. It’s also fast absorbing but enough to moisturise the outer layer of the skin. Good for a sealing/last product. I used to stay away from creams before due to their thickness and oiliness but this cream is different. It’s suitable even for morning use and I even recommend this for AM use since it’s light and fast absorbing making the skin drink up all the nutrients from it.


    I use this on days my skin is bumpy due to hormonal reasons and when my skin gets burnt due to swimming or just walking outside. It definely helps with the camping down on my skin. It neautralizes and somewhat helps with the healing.

    Overall Verdict:

    • The brand is very wise on choosing these names for their product in relation to its use and ingredients.
    • The packaging is really nice. It’s made out of good quality plastic which I prefers over jars. For someone clumsy, having fragile packaging can be troublesome.
    • I mainly believe that the 3 products correlate and renders same results but it could be optimised fully if used as 3.
    • I was expecting a refreshing scent but I didn’t get anything noticeable but it’s ok since a lot of consumers lately have been concerned with skincare products with fragrance so it’s not a big deal.
    • It’s named “Multi Ice” but it really didn’t explain why it’s “Multi”. Whenever I hear of that word, I was expecting something as a multitasker and should have been clear in the claims.
    • I also thought there’ll be a literal cooling sensational feeling but it didn’t have that effect. Maybe because of the absence of peppermint. But I guess they only mean cooling in terms of the effect on the skin not just just the cold cool feeling.
    • I haven’t really seen drastic whitening results but my skin got brighter.
    • Everything else is good for me and my skin. My skin gets enough hydration and moisture without being oily or suffocated. I really suggest this for to anyone, during the hot or cold season.

    I have nothing else to say. But I love this product!

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