EYENLIP Black Snail All in One Cream [Review]

“Hitting two birds with one stone!”

3 in one coffee, shampoo with conditioner, multivitamins. We have this trend of accessing all sorts of things from just one product.

As a mom, I barely don’t have the time to do ’10 Step Skincare’ as much as I wanted to. There are even days (morning especially) where I just don’t really have the time anymore to put my desired amount of products onto my skin— wash, tone and slather sunscreen. So I’m always in a hunt to find products that only demand minimal application but still getting all the benefits my skin need. Also, I would prefer a product that has multiple benefits already, of course I’ll pick already something that could offer everything that just costs as one.

One brand that caught my attention was EYENLIP! They were one of the brands (Mizon also has their version of Snail All in One Cream) that went with the trend of ALL IN ONE Cream. I was lucky enough because I was chosen to try their newest BLACK SNAIL ALL IN ONE CREAM and without any hesitations, I said YES!


  • Black snail slime extracts firms the skin, while the Aqua Shea Butter ingredient creates moisture barrier on the skin.
  • Adenosine improves the skin elasticity while niacinamide brightens the skin.
  • The natural extracts were derived from 5 different flowersTulip, violet, daisy, iris and bitter orange-blossom acting as antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing ingredients.
  • eyeNlip’s exclusive sticky texture fills up moisture inside the skin and creates moisture barrier.


*The cream contains 74% black snail mucin, niacinamide, adenosine, and eastern medicinal herbal extracts.


  • After cleansing and toning, take an appropriate amount on the palm and spread it gently along the skin texture.
  • Focus on the major aging points that are concerned with repetitive facial movements.
  • Gently wrap your face with your palm to better absorption of the product.

〰️ HOW I USE IT: I use it morning and night upon application of my chosen toner & serum.


100 ml

There’s no need to be frugal! For the price given, this sure is worth it in size. So I don’t hesitate much on using a decent amount.


I am not really a fan of the packaging. It’s really messy. I wish they just put it in a pump bottle or pump jar (like Snail White) for better product dispensing. Sometimes I just feel bad coz


It has a mild floral scent and I totally don’t mind it all. I believe it came from the 5 flowers this product claims to have. And honestly, sometime my nose prefers skincare with scent. It somehow gives a satisfying feeling.


Consistency isn’t thick, the cream is slightly viscous which is typical for a snail cream. My skin absorbs completely and immediately, causes no discomfort or tightness after application 


I must admit, at first I thought the reason why it’s “ALL IN ONE CREAM” coz it can act as an entire routine already in a jar but the reason why it’s called that because of its multifunctional solution.

Due to its Snail content, there’s a lot of benefit that comes along with it. It helps heal acne, because black snail mucin acts as protection against the most common skin bacteria types, removes redness and prevents scar and post acne mark formation.

Lifting effect. Snail mucin promotes collagen synthesis, due to which the skin smoothes, lifts and strengthens.

In addition, the cream evens out the skin tone and improves complexion.
Niacinamide and adenosine, responsible for lightening pigmentation and smoothing out wrinkles, further increase the cream’s rejuvenating effect.

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