UNBOXING: Althea Angel Welcome Gift

✈️ Angel Onboard!

Before starting my Instagram beauty account, being an #AltheaAngel been one of my ultimate goal and I just can’t believe that I get to share with you this first box I received from them as an angel.

I, as a consumer, admire and support Althea Korea since 2015 knowing they only provide the best products out there with very reasonable and even the best discounts. It’s not only the products we buy but the service we get. Every box holds something special and we know we are being taken care of. So being part of their growing family makes my heart 💓.


So my friend told me that there’s an ongoing search for an Althea Angel and I need to just sign up send answer some requirements to know if I fit to their standard. They mostly just ask about what platforms I use and the audience I have.

So I just answered based from facts. I have my IG account all based on skincare and makeup reviews and how-tos, this blog site where I post in depth content. I try my best to create contents, provide new ideas and even show my creativity thru my shots.

Then I said to myself, maybe it’s not for me coz it’s been months already since I applied and I never got a feedback. But one night, I received an email from Althea that I was chosen to be part of their Angels. I just can’t stop myself from smiling and giggling. They just gave me another requirement to fulfill and after that I received an email that I am officially approved and part of them.

They sent me an email confirming that they have sent Welcome Gift and another $30 USD as a rewards point. It keeps on getting better!

So here’s the box and I actually made an unboxing video you can view at my IGTV (@mybybel).



***I didn’t take individual shots anymore since I mainly want to focus on it as a whole but you can check them out by clicking them individually and it’ll automatically direct you to the link where you could get them and view product descriptions.

***I’ll be making individual reviews of each product so don’t worry 😉


I know I am not being payed, but it’s my passion that keeps me going. Money really doesn’t matter me though it’ll be great if I could make this a full-time career. Right now I wanna focus on broadening my knowledge about the industry, know brands, know the market, and build connection.

So that’s it and I want to say Thank You again to Althea Korea and for all of you for always trusting and supporting my content. I always get so motivated because of you and I always push myself to create the best as a way of showing my appreciation of you. Without all of you, I won’t have audience and I won’t have brands to notice me.

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