SOMEBYMI AHA BHA PHA 30 Days Miracle Cream [Review]

I was never born with a perfect skin and still I often have some zits and bumps popping out every now and then and it makes me crazy!

I really wasn’t aware before with the use and benefits AHA and BHA. But I started to understand it as more and more products come out of the market and introduce it with simple and easy to understand layman’s terms. But in case you are new to it, here’s a quick description & comparison.

I know most of you are also skeptical to use an AHA BHA product for an everyday as it maybe too much exfoliation and it might scratch the skin surface leaving it more prone to troubles. But remember, it always depend on the concentration and the level of your skin tolerance.


I personally just have toners, power liquids, maybe a few masks with those two as a base ingredient but I never encountered a serum, or a cream not until I heard about SOMEBYMI .





I love the packaging, it’s simple and green which i totally adore but it’s quite small for a hefty price. I can finish this literally for 30x of use and maybe less.


It’s super lightweight. More like a gel making it suitable to oily, acne-prone skin. It absorbs quickly as if you’re not wearing any once it dries down but making the skin hydrated within.


I have been using this for 2 weeks straight but only at night time. I used this up as my final skincare and making sure I didn’t use other acids w/ it. I have some zits, enlarged pores and bumpy skin then I decided to use it and maybe try if the overhyped product is really worth the try.

As you can see, my skin improved a lot. That is after 8 consistent days of using it. I cannot say that it’s the only product that changed my skin but it worked well with my routine making it faster for my skin to heal, clean and regenerate.

Since then, my skin hasn’t breakout that bad or had any pimple even during my “Girl Days” 🤫 I’ve seen so much difference as well with my enlarged pores tho not so much effect for whitening due to Niacinamide.

The exfoliation I got from both AHA & BHA and the moisture balance from PHA makes it mild enough for my skin to not react badly unlike other high concentrated products.

**PR gifted in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are mine.

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