Shopping Guide: Althea x Get it Beauty Real Fresh Skin Detoxer

Hello guys! Bel here signing as your online Althea Angel. I’m here to talk about one product that I am so curious about and I want to share my research as a basis why I need to get and try them soon. And as always, I hope this could help you on your deciding products that are worth buying and trying.

As you all know, masking has been a must skincare step showing it’s full benefit to the skin. But the huddle and bustle schedule just won’t make the cut sometimes to let our skin have the nourishment it deserves. With that more and more brands have been releasing their own innovative take on making our lives easier but still having the full results out of the products.

As for Althea, most of us are aware they started just offering products from other brands but lately, they’ve been formulating and creating their own under their name. And what better product to launch as their first! Yes, they now offer cleanser/wash off mask namely the Real Fresh Skin Detoxer.

The mask was in collaboration with the oh so famous “Get it Beauty”. If you’re a Kbeauty fan like me you must be aware that it’s probably the most reliable and accessible global Kbeauty show. From makeup and skincare tutorials to product launches, best of the best and everything you need to know even health they talk about.

Having that said, a collaboration from Althea and Get it Beauty is like “hitting two birds with one stone”. Us consumer are sure of the quality and effectiveness they provide because we know that their standard is up there already and they only offer what they know is best.

*DISCLAIMER: Photos are not mine. They are owned by Althea Korea and all of the details written were based from their webpage and blog.

Check this out!


And just to thrill you out, here are some of the clips 😊

What’s the product about?

It’s a 2-in-1 cleanser pack that nourishes the in just 10 seconds!

It contains real rose petals (to refine) and the other has green tea leave (purify) leaving the skin smooth and fresh.

To mentions, it’s for all skin type and it’s up to you if you want the rose to refine or the green tea purify your skin… or mix them both!

It is very easy to use and only demands a few seconds to set. You simply lather the desired layer on the face and wait for 10 seconds, massage if you want, rinse it off and TA-DA! Easy right?

In case you are curious, I took a screenshot of the ingredients and their purpose for the skin. I’m not going to elaborate it since this is not an in-depth product review blog.

You can read more of the blog at:

Where to get it?

You can check them out at your country’s Althea Korea page:






US & Other Countries:

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