Heimish Hydrogel Eye Patch Bulgarian Rose Water Review

Eye area is the most troublesome for me and I’m pretty scared that I’ve been seeing fine lines already even tho I’m just 24 😭. So I am eager to find the best products to improve that area and be wrinkle-free!

Even though I admit that this has been my skin issue, I’ve been neglecting (unintentionally) to focus on it and invest on products that are targeted on preventing and even lessening it. I just use mostly thick face creams and layer it up or just use up eye cream sample.

With that said, I have not experienced eye patches ever! So it was totally an honour to receive this and again, thank you @gobloomandgo (https://gobloomandglow.com) for sending them for me to try and review.

Please don’t be confused. If you’re a loyal subscriber of mine here and my IG, you might already saw that I have done a review of this. But today, I want to update you guys and give more in depth experience with it. I know my review before wasn’t enough to give it justice so let’s just start coz it might be quite long πŸ˜…


  • Intensive wrinkle care
  • No harmful Ingredients. Eco-friendly 100% water-soluble hydro-gel patch
  • Can be applied not only under your eyes but other place on your face when you feel it’s needed
  • Good adherence and higher essence absorption
  • Moisturizing, vitality, elasticity, soothing

How to Use

  • Use after cleansing and skincare routine
  • Put on areas where moisture and hydration needs attention.
  • After about 20-30 minutes, remove the patch and gently pat the remaining essence into the skin.


*** Besides from using it as an eye patch, I also put it on areas like my forehead and cheeks (you can put it anywhere you like) and I just leave it on as if I’m wearing a sheet mask.

*** Another way to preserve the juices left is to put the remaining liquid in a bottle and mix it with your other skincare essence or just water to make a solution of your own. You can use it as an essence or a mist 😊

*** I keep it in the fridge to help me swell down my eyes.



There are 5 types of eye wrinkles:

β€’ Corner crinkling (towards the nose)

β€’ Under eye wrinkles

β€’ Lid creases

β€’ Crow’s feet (sides)

β€’ Underpuff lines (base line of the puff)



The overall packaging is πŸ‘ŒπŸ»! It is very simple yet sophisticated and I like the fact that they included a spatula for hygiene purposes. The design and choice of color is so feminine and just goes with the entire theme of 🌹 . They even put a lot of thoughts into the box. I just can’t explain how I love the packaging especially the choice of color.


It is originally 1,200 at GOBLOOM&GLOW but currently it’s on sale at the price of 841.50 PHP. Talk about great deal for Black Friday! Anyway, even without the sale, the price is acceptable knowing you get a lot of patches and uses from just on tub. It’s an all around skincare and just consider how much love Heimish put into this.

**I have linked the URL of @gobloomandglow at my introduction. You better check it out since they also give a lot of deals even for their other skincare products.


It speaks to its name. It smells totally sweet & floral but not overly strong. I like that they didn’t overly put scent to it coz too much fragrance can irritate the skin knowing it’s main purpose is for the eyes.


During my first review, I wasn’t able to establish my thought on the Essence. It’s actually very important because without it, the Eye Patch will just be an Eye Patch not a skincare. I totally love the idea that this product is a multitasker. Not only on how you will put the patches but as well on how you could use the residue after finishing up all of it. The essence speaks a lot and combining it with the Hydrogel patches should be harmonising. In a way that the patches should be absorbing the juices and excreting them all once it’s on top of the skin.

The essence in a way should be thick and it passed my expectations. It’s formula has a thickness to it but not too sticky that it’s too uncomfortable. In fact, you need a little of the stickiness to let it stick to the area you want to put the patches on. And since, they are formulated originally for the eyes, its should be thick coz eye area needs a lot of moisture especially knowing it’s targeted for the wrinkles.

It is glittery and sparkly like the patches but I don’t really mind it since it didn’t irritate me or anything. The thickness is a thumbs up and for what I mentioned above, you could use it as a serum/essence. Just put it in a container and you can even mix it with your desired product depending on your taste. If you want it to remain as it is, go! Or you could mix it with a light essence or toner for you to maximize the formula or mix it with a cream. It’s very versatile and that’s why I am so inlove 😍

Actual Patch

It is somewhat in a gummy thin form that sparkles✨. It’s quite delicate so you need to be careful with it and make sure you will use it right away after getting. It is made out of Hydrogel making it a lot moisturizing and that’s also the reason why the consistency and the material of patches feel like that. Other patches tend to be in other forms, and so far form my research… this is the best way to do an actual eye patch. I was so mesmerised the first time I saw it. Though it’s a little bit sticky making it a little hard to detach individually.

I also need to mention that I have a little problem coz sometimes it slides… one thing I know it’s already down my cheeks. So I guess I need to stay still when using it? But everything else work! The patches excrete all the juices and dries down. You will actually know that you need to stop using it already by just seeing it’s waterless already. And it’s quite fun to use and talk about taking pictures 😊

I suffer a lot from swelling and I have also been so concerned lately with the wrinkles appearing at the sides. So the question is…


For my swollen eyes it worked! I keep it in the fridge so the added cooling effect did the trick. As for the wrinkles, I have used it for only a months and I saw the decrease of its appearance. My wrinkles mostly appears even when I’m just talking but now it appears when I smile too much πŸ˜‚ As for the Brightening, I can’t attest since I don’t have dark bags to start with.



It’s my first time to encounter any eye patch so this is my benchmark! I deforest will repurchase again once I finish all this up cause I totally believe this is worth buying for. I enjoyed it entirely and just love including it on my pamper days. It also feels so luxurious πŸ’–

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