TMYS Iconic Brightening Essence [Review]

Hello Guys! I know I haven’t been so active on posting my blogs lately. I just lost track a bit here and focused too much of my review on my Instagram account. But I’m here again and for now on, I’ll try to post at least 1 blog once a week. I’m also thinking of posting every Fridays so that I’ll have a set day for just blog only. I know I’ve been neglecting you guys and this platform.

Anyway, just from the title and photo you probably know what product I’ll be reviewing already. Yes, it’s the TMYS(To Make You Smile) Iconic Brightening Essence. I don’t know but this year, I’ve been seeing this from a lot of bloggers and reviewers especially at Instagram. At first I thought it’s a Korean brand but I was shookt to know it’s from Thailand.

TMYS reaches out and asked if I’m interested to receive this and of course I couldn’t say no. Anything Vitamin C I’m in! As always, I’m very grateful for receiving this as PR knowing it’s a good brand. Before having this, I have read already some reviews that’s why I got so excited and expected that it’ll be good. I don’t want to jump in alreadya nd tell you how it goes right away. Below, I reviewed the product by category and you’ll be the judge on how this caught my heart.


• Helps visibly correct skin tone, reduce dark spots and restore moisture balance.

• Makes skin appear brighter, smoother, more translucent and luminous

• Formulated w/ organic and ingredients w/o any harmful effects of modern science.

• No + Fragrance, Vegan and Cruelty-free.


•2% Vit C (Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate) 〰️ Water soluble, collagen booster and a stable derivative of Vit C. It is a lot gentle making it suitable even for sensitive skin though it lacks the exfoliating factor of Vit C. •3% Hyaluronic Acid

〰️ hydrates the skin and maintains hydration as a humectant

•5% Vit B (Niacinamide)

〰️ anti aging, whitening properties that enhances skin Barrier


It comes in a box complementary with the bottle. I’m glad that they used a brown bottle to preserve its form and to avoid oxidation. The dropper on the other hand is always my preference and the best choice for concentrated products. The yellow design is totally up my alley and I just adore it with its simplicity.


It is thick and I more consider this as a serum. It is quite opaque with a very pale yellow color w/c is very unusual from other Vit C products. I wasn’t aware of the micro particles bcoz I was expecting a clear smooth formula, making it a bit gritty on the skin. I love the thick consistency without having any oiliness to it but I just don’t like the fact that the beads that comes with it. I really need to spread it with a rubbing motion just to make it disappear but it’s not really a big of a deal.


I’ve been using this consistently for a full month and it did brighten my skin and helped my pigmentations lighten faster. As of now, my skin complexion looks a lot healthier and my skin feels elastic too.


I am obsessed with anything Vit C/Magnesium since its a super ingredient and mostly those that I have tried, could show difference with just a few times of use. This is one of them and I’ve been using this every single night except on days I want to focus on my AHAs and BHAs. And I am definitely a fan!


👍🏻 Definitely yes although I wish they could find a way to supply in my country (Philippines) for easier access.

Thank you again @tmysthailand for sending this 😀 This definitely make my skin smile ♥️

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