Sundays Moderne Beauty Sparklight Series Review

Let’s take a break from all the skincare and talk about makeup 😅 Most of you know by now that I also do love my minimal makeup. As if it’s just my skin but still having that glow with a little help of highlighters.

I was honestly still in search for a liquid highlighter and you’ve prolly heard me so many times hype up Sunday’s Beauty a brand and their products in general. One of the sweetest brand ever! So upon hearing that they’re making their own instantly made me 😍 and I literally jumped when they sent me their new line w/c are highlighters.


A multitasker and travel friendly highlighter made w/ super fine light-reflecting pearls that melts into the skin to give a dewy and luminous look.


You know how I so much adore Sundays packaging. From how they pack it to their box, the logo and most importantly the actual product. It looks so lux and you definitely feel the weight. Upon seeing and touching it, you can feel it’s high quality. They retained the design but changed the millennial coral box with gold that totally matched the product. And you definitely know by now how detailed they are with everything.


• PORTIA (Champagne w/ silver pearls)

It does look like a champagne color making me remind of champagne pop but in a liquid form. I would recommend it if you have pale skin or you want a KA-PAW obvious beam on your face.

• PHOEBE (Rose Gold)

I love this shade the most among the 3. I always gravitate toward pink and yellow undertone coz it works well with my skin tone. Pink shades give me this bright looking effect without being too obvious. I like putting my highlighter on my cheek area and nose so it blends well with my go-to drunk blush look 😊

• ELARA (Golden shade w/ silver pearls)

Definitely in love with this shade. I thought it would end up dark on my face but it wasn’t. I have Becca Highlighters with Gold shades and it never worked on my face coz they were too warm but this one got the perfect shade I definitely could recommend to anyone even to not Morena tones. It’s the perfect sun kissed glow.


• Mix w/ base product (bb cream/cushion or foundation)

• Eye shadow or as a topper

• Highlight high points of the face


It is very easy to use. I haven’t really tried combining it with my base product but I use it at my high points. So I put it on those areas and wait maybe 30 seconds so it wont be too liquidy and it somehow dries a little bit before I blend it. You can actually wear either a brush or a sponge but I personally just like using my fingers. The warmth of my fingers helps if blend with my base making it a lot natural and talk about convenience!


It is very buildable and I love that it doesn’t have chunky glitters that I mostly experience from other highlighters. So it is safe to say that you can really mix it with your base products if you want to amp up the glow. It is the perfect highlighter to give that dewy-healthy look I always go for.


I always wear it the entire day from 8-12 hours and it always stays put on my face. Though I think it’s not only the highlighter that makes the longevity a lot better but also the products I used beneath. If you want to be sure about the longevity, as always, use a setting spray or put a powder on top. But honestly, it’s a good sign because if it stays long, it means that it doesn’t clash with other makeup products.


I wasn’t able to include the price on my previous post but have I mentioned it’s only 239 PHP (less than $5). And it even look like a $10 or more product. What a steal right?! 💕 You can even avail it at certain periods when Sunday’s conduct a sale or a promo and they always give such a good deal.


Check them out on Shopee!


Totally in love and even if I wasn’t gifted with these babies, I will buy them and keep on repurchasing coz they’re really that good. I actually bought some for my friends and they love it! It really is my favourite packaging. It’s feels so luxurious just showing to everyone when I’m touching up.

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