Althea A’Bloom Full Line Review

Hello everyone! I’m back with a set of reviews and I know, its been a while since I really made one. Anyway, I’m excited for today’s post since I’ll be sharing a brand that’s close to my heart.

Althea as most of you know is one of those I truly trust and have been representing along with its growing lines of product. Recently, they launched a new line called “A’Bloom” that promises to bring fun to our beauty routine which comprises of the following:

x1 A’bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster

x1 A’bloom Giant Meringue Puff

x3 A’bloom Baby Meringue Puffs

x1 A’bloom Moisturizing Watermelon Mask Sheet

x1 A’bloom Nourishing Avocado Mask Sheet

x1 A’bloom Brightening Lemon Lime Mask Sheet

x1 A’bloom Anti-Blemish Peach Mask Sheet

***I’ll be covering all of them and I’ll “try to be as concise as possible.

A’BLOOM Sheet Masks

A’bloom’s Sheet Masks are geared to add some juicy fun back into pampering your skin with it’s 4 different formulas targeted on specific skin concerns.


(Info taken from Althea’s Official Blog)

  • The Water-Me-Long Moisturizing Sheet Mask is perfect for quenching parched complexions, giving the skin a boost of hydration that plumps it back to life! Infused with trehalose, lavender and watermelon extracts, this sheet mask prevents dry flakes from forming, and soothes redness by cooling down the skin.
  • The Avo-Cuddle-Me Sheet Mask is our version of a complexion hug! This nourishing formula is rich in antioxidants from avocados and hibiscus flowers to give the skin some anti-aging goodness, preventing signs of aging and fine lines from appearing. It also coats the skin in a rich moisturizing layer, ensuring that your skin stays supple for long periods of time.
  • Get peachy-keen skin with the Ac-Me-Peach Sheet Mask! Specially made for those of us with trouble-prone skin, it contains peach and tea tree extracts to treat spots as well as minimize enlarged pores. This mask clarifies the skin and removes redness, leaving your complexion even, clear and healthy.
  • The Sparkle-Me-Bright Sheet Mask is for the dull, tired complexions thanks to a blast of vitamin C derived from lemon and lime extracts. It also has green tea and niacinamide to revitalize and beat dark spots for a radiant, bright skin!


  • I love the packaging. They totally oozes cuteness and so far Althea has done one of the best if not the best in terms of branding and packaging. The details are very cleas and I apprciate that they went all through out with emphasizing the information needed to simplify and let the consumers know what to expect from the products.
  • It is packed with more than enough essence that even if I layer it, there’s still excess so I just used it on my neck and body which for me is a positibe thing.
  • The mask itself has the material of your usual sheet mask. Its like a cotton (wipes) material. The fitting and absorption of essence is ok but it’s not entirely unique which I didn’t really expect a lot due to price point. What’s important though was that it hugged my face and its put without sliding and whatsover.
  • For a 20 php sheet mask, this is A+ for me. It’s cheap yet I find it effective and drastically soothes and mositurizes the skin. I have to say though that in terms of blemish control, brightening and all things they promise, you need to use it a couple times because as I always mention, you can’t see result within just one use when it comes to skincare. It takes time and continuous use so I can’t say much on those aspects of effectiveness but I do know it hydrates my hace very well.


The first Althea-made beauty tool with a soft, pillowy material to help achieve a perfect complexion!

***It comes in 2 sizes: Giant (ideal for covering large areas of the face) and Baby (a set of 3 to get into nooks and crannies of the face).


  • It absorbs liquid very fast and efficiently doubles the size without defeating the holes/pores of the puff.
  • I find it effective may it be used wet or dry. It really depends on how you want to use it and how you want your makeup to look like. If you want a dewier finish, a wet sponge helps and if you want it mattified, you better use it dry. Even so, its still fluffy and gives the same smooth effect.
  • I have no words to explain how soft these are and how fine the actual material is. In effect, this gives a very smooth finish on the skin.
  • It bounces at the same time, it doesn’t have this off sound when you tap it on your face which already gives certainty Althea used a very high quality material.

**I have only used it a couple of times so I cannot guarantee it stays its form long enough and not crumble easily.

A’BLOOM BHA Blackhead Blaster

Blackhead Out Without the Ouch

  • No pain blackhead and whitehead removal with Natural BHA Stick
  • Gentle and non-irritating formula treats and prevents new ones from forming

Key ingredient: Natural BHA (White Willow Bark Extract 5,000ppm)


I use the product as what as per instruction. After cleansing, I apply it on areas I produce blackheads, whiteheads and sebum (Nose area, middle of my eyebrow area, chin and inner part of my cheeks). I keep the area damp then I gently swipe the stick all onto the area and massage in circular motions to thoroughly remove oil and dirt. Leave it for while then, rinse off with lukewarm water.


  • BHA has been known to help go through deeper into the pores to remove dead skin cells and excess sebum while the White Willow Bark extract and charcoal is a perfect exfoliation tandem as charcoal effectively absorbs oil and dirt. Apricot seed scrubs away impurities while keeping your pores clean and tight while tea tree oil calms the skin and serves as an anti-inflammatory agent.

  • I like that it comes in a black plastic tube making it a lot convenient and very easy to use. I also want to mention that the tight cover inside helps keep it sealed and fresh so it doesn’t dry up.

  • I honestly have a lot of blackheads and whiteheads and I have oily skin, that’s my weakness and I honestly didn’t notice significant results in terms of removing them or controlling my sebum. But again, I have only used it a couple of times so I thinking maybe religiouslyusing thismight do the trick. I must say though, it made my skin feel smoother and soft.

Where to purchase?

You can check all of this at Althea Korea (link below) and its best to download their actual app make sure you get notified with the best deals of the season!

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