“Oh! You’re a single mom.” “I admire single moms like you!” “It must have been hard for you.” “Oh, that woman is like your daughter… a single mom!” This blog is all about showing my perspective, how one comment can scar so much. How this world is just so cruel with negativity and judgements and… Continue reading Am I a ‘SINGLE MOM’?

July Empties: Favourites and Fails

It’s that time of the month again to share what this month’s favorites and fails. This month I used up a couple of items ranging from skincare to bodycare. Probably I’ll this will be my last Empties and I’ll bulk up all my finished items again and post it at the last months of the… Continue reading July Empties: Favourites and Fails

Social Cleansing! I shut down my Instagram

This is a decision I didn’t just have now. It has been going on for 2 years in exact. If you know me and have been following me in Instagram, you probably know that I’ve been keeping my account on and off public and been deactivating it several times. But a few days ago, I… Continue reading Social Cleansing! I shut down my Instagram

June Empties: Hits, Misses and to Repurchase

It’s been quite awhile since I have posted anything. I’ve been cleaning a lot for the past few months and as I gather all my stuff, I found a bunch of beauty products to declutter. You might be a little confused, some of these were finished or just been unused for ages and needed to… Continue reading June Empties: Hits, Misses and to Repurchase