Preggy Diaries: Fitness Journey

“Why are you still working out? It’s bad for the baby!” This is what people say to me all the time they see me workout or go to the gym. Which for me is a fad. DISCLAIMER: My experience and physical health may differ from everyone else and I’m no gym expert or whatsoever​. I just… Continue reading Preggy Diaries: Fitness Journey

Bingsu Craze

Annyeonghaseyo! Yup you’re definitely right. My first food review is about this awesome Korean dessert everyone’s talking about. Nokcha bingsu (green tea), ttalgi bingsu (strawberry), pat bingsu  (red bean)…name it! When we hear bingsu, everyone can’t stop drooling. So what’s really making it a crowd-pleaser? Like halo-halo it consists of shaved ice but the ice… Continue reading Bingsu Craze