FOOD SCOUT: Las Flores, Podium

Hello my beloved readers! Here I am again for another review but today I decided to have a variation with my site and include food because not all of you may relate to my mommy life, cosmetics and fitness. Its also exciting for me to share my food experiences since I was born to appreciate… Continue reading FOOD SCOUT: Las Flores, Podium

Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Juice Drop Review

Vitamin C is becoming a trend to skincare nowadays for its natural components that brings brightness and remedy to skin damage. It is known for having an antioxidant properties that corresponds a huge role in the collagen synthesis of our skin. So it is very helpful for those who are drastically damaged by the UV… Continue reading Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Juice Drop Review

Preggy Diaries: Fitness Journey

“Why are you still working out? It’s bad for the baby!” This is what people say to me all the time they see me workout or go to the gym. Which for me is a fad. DISCLAIMER: My experience and physical health may differ from everyone else and I’m no gym expert or whatsoever​. I just… Continue reading Preggy Diaries: Fitness Journey