OOTD: Lazy Day with a Splash | 1

Its 2018 and what a better year to start something new. I’m always an avid fan of fashion bloggers though I cannot say I myself wears trendy ones. But at least I try to look pleasing according to my taste. Every now and then, I update my wardrobe but I keep in touch with old pieces I could mix up with new ones. So to start, I’ll show you how I wear clothes like normal human being in a normal type of day without any occasion and whatsoever.

I’m not the person who likes to wear over the top outfits especially if I’m just going to do some errands. It was a hot summer vibe day again after a month of sweaters and hoodies. I decided to wear this my hippy T-dyed from Habitat Crossfit and pair it with a Barney coloured shorts from Roxy. Then to make it a not so ”I’m in the house” outfit, I wore mid socks and my favourite pair of Nike Thea Air Max. It was not planned to take pictures but when I realized “Damn this outfit looks eye catching”, I asked my twin to be my phone photographer 😂.

It was such a bright day and overall, my outfit complemented it.


TOP: Habitat Crossfit Gym


SHOES: Nike AirMax Thea